News that Shanghai will love with the SFDA cooperation or the introduction of pharmaceutical product

360 search and instantly search cooperation style (TechWeb pictures)

data show that medical advertising accounted for revenue of about 30% love Shanghai. Previously, 360 in search and game in Shanghai has been criticized love is not real information of love Shanghai medical advertising. However, some analysts have pointed out that love Shanghai in cooperation with the food and Drug Administration will not have a substantial impact on the medical advertisement. (Tao Chi

, the love of Shanghai in cooperation with the food and drug administration, will also launch a similar exposure table and instantly search products, instant drug class web search, the official exposure table, medical assistants and other products. read more

Stand swarm optimization article how to avoid home is right down

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said the establishment of the station program, because I have a part of the site was down right home page or K page (K home page the most direct judgment is the love of Shanghai enter the URL, the search box does not appear in the site index is illustrated by K), I immediately to this group of stations in the investigation, found that many drop right home page that is because the chain, because I use a emlog blog system, the page list of articles often appear sprocket. Thus, I defined as "Links punishment"; and compared with the dedecms program, using de> read more