The ratio between the website and website competition should be elevated to the strategic level

and as a result, we can in the description inside play free learning stone fish this kind of words, free power is infinite, such as Taobao, QQ, 360.

actually I often say a website business is based on the company’s management level, and the direction of development of a company can be fully reflected in the website. So some people love their own company in Shanghai dragon outsourcing, personally think that is not very appropriate, because the Shanghai dragon service company is difficult to understand the products of your company, your situation in the industry, the development direction of the company to you, as well as timely and reasonable adjustments to the site. Of course between website and website competition is not only reflected in the Shanghai Dragon technology, more important is reflected in the business strategy of the competition, I recently on a proposal by the company, the following is good to you about this inside some of the site, you will know this is not the Shanghai dragon competition the technical level, it is the company and the company’s competitive strategy. read more

The interpretation of junk the chain chain of judgment

2, through the webmaster service website chain formation, such as love, station sites such as CNZZ data page data query form if included, will form a chain of garbage.

In fact, there are a lot of

website garbage chain depth:

, the release of the chain, the chain of Shanghai love for most need to examine detection. The chain of garbage is automatically released love >

4, the garbage outside the chain of the site’s ranking no real influence, love Shanghai search engine shield outside the chain of these pages of voting rights. The reason of this chain will not be regarded as cheating link and affect to the site, in the eyes of the Dragon feather, because it is easy to manipulate and many links, links may not be to the site owners of their own construction, such as site A webmaster service a large number of search links, but not necessarily is the site of the A station your query form, which may be due to other webmasters in a search result learning website A, the survey site formed by the A query outside the chain, so the search engine to cancel this chain of voting rights, but not directly to the website A punishment is a very correct choice. read more

Analysis the original article in the end of the Shanghai dragon more important

is not a new website from scratch, especially personal webmaster, must be the original article. First of all, the beginning of the site if it is copied, when the search engine spiders to your website and found your article on the Internet is to have included your article, may not, or included is slow, at the beginning of your original article almost will not be major acquisition in the past because of your website, not too many external links, it is very difficult for others to find you, so just start to adhere to the original article, the original articles updated continuously, continue to do some external links to a certain level, later can update the original article, a collection of some articles, these are the words, because there is a pre personal webmaster a long process. So, stick to the original article read more

For advertising has the intention to reduce! How much is your reputation!

today 17 push operation Department received 360 customer service and customer service. The latest news, the next 360 love Shanghai, advertising all right off the assembly line, left advertising reduced to a maximum of 6

at the crucial moment, the love of Shanghai "distraught warrior like" issued a series of rules. Although love has a negative impact on Shanghai’s revenue, but it is the most correct way, is the flow of practice! It reminds me of the words:

love Shanghai early heart is "do the best Chinese search engine", and between commercial interests and user experience, further away from the beginning of the heart, causing users also questioned the fairness and objectivity of love Shanghai business promotion, product installation strategy Tucao love Shanghai, love Shanghai, Post Bar against the commercialization of the Encyclopedia and other products…… read more

as a novice learning Shanghai Dragon Road

still clearly remember the time I contact Shanghai dragon, I contact from Shanghai at the end of December 2011 the dragon, I had from the investment industry to domestic industry, but I work with network marketing a relationship. I want to like most people, just contact Shanghai dragon when naturally to love the Shanghai encyclopedia. At the time of Shanghai dragon feel mysterious, also feel curious, believe that many just contact Shanghai Longfeng people have the same attitude with me! Because the magic feeling of Shanghai dragon, so gradually to Shanghai, showed a strong interest. read more

Like Han Xin The more, the better. website external links.

for the ordinary site, external links more is always better, of course, except that the above said, is a regular site links, then, even if it is some of the weight of a lot of forum or blog link, seemingly insignificant, but if the quantity is enough, enough large, the days and months multiplying it. The weight is not negligible. So, the amount of quality change, do not belittle these seemingly not worth mentioning the power to know the dripping water can wear stone

said this year as one day, nature is the webmaster do stand in time, for the website external links the attitude, three minutes of heat, still can stick to a years of tireless day and try to do some chain. A5 diagnosis optimization team often have some customer sites such a problem, the site built in the early, there are a number of external links increases every day, the site also has a rank, and the weight is good. But after a while and forgot about it like, months after the site outside the chain or stay back, without any increase, but sometimes reduced, keyword ranking also followed the decline or even disappear the website weight is Not the least trace was found., declining. When the site was ranked, the weight decreased, the webmaster anxious, do not know what the reason, then find the A5 diagnosis optimization team, but after a comprehensive diagnosis, but I have to admit that is caused by the stop of external links, this is a very painful thing, but if you want to once again let the website ranking of what is up, it is not an easy task, than the previous efforts of several times before, who let you missed the best time? Although the diagnostic effect of A5 is known, so many sites have been brought back to life, but also want to cooperate with you to continue to perform line. read more

28 SMS network suffered relentless drop right whether to love Shanghai related promotion

, a Shanghai

the quality problem is always makes me very headache, because as an SMS website, really want to create those articles, really is not so simple, so the content of the message station most copied or pseudo original content of the others, their own little hand out, so that the content on the Internet is bound to repeat too much, now do website message type of the others might be able to copy others beyond count, the content directly, and there will be a better ranking, because their website has a certain weight; if you do that, the search will not recognized, a long time to do so, the site will be repeated 28 SMS network content, perhaps it is because the quality of the station the reason causing the site to drop right! read more

By the end of four traffic circle quanqian experience on grassroots webmaster bidding

keyword is the priority among priorities for the selection of keywords is the process of selecting a user process. Different keywords, corresponding to different levels of users. It must be according to the budget and plan to choose their own keywords. This suggested grassroots webmaster do the bidding time or choose the long tail word high conversion rate, although flow is very small, but the quantities of keywords or can bring effective flow, generally the long tail word to thousands in order to reflect the effect. read more

360 search really clean, safe and trusted

throughout the 360 series products, the technology itself is neither the top nor the original, but the name of security under the banner of excessive fooled users work done very well. Even in the face of the old weeks also questioned its public relations take time for Chelsea, wherever. Return to search 360 reached the search camp not only caused vigilance counterparts attack cities and capture territories, more attention by industry and Internet users. To some extent, the 360 is not as reliable as they said the search. read more

A means of typos but also optimize the website website

But we live in

so we now analyze if you as a professional hospital for cervical spondylosis, but your competitors are all so little market share will be after you go to compete for this position, you don’t think you can go to

the word love Shanghai "cervical", professional may look at the word search "love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 100000000" (of course, today I just for example, the data is not correct) then you should optimize the coefficient of difficulty as can be imagined the word is, how slim. read more