t decided to stop by the Jingdong the Secret Japanese media for some reason

[global technology Roundup] Japan’s decision to stop the operation of Fast Retailing through the sale of "commodity Jingdong mall". According to the "Japanese economic news" reported in April July 22nd, UNIQLO stationed in the Jingdong, the shop only 3 months will be decided to quit. Prior to this, the shop in Chinese UNIQLO’s largest commercial enterprises Alibaba group online shopping mall. Behind the sudden withdrawal of Jingdong seem to have commercial enterprises to expand causes fierce competition around it. read more

Ecological taste Grote swept down the line LETV life Museum in July to promote the carnival curtain!

by Ma Su, Liu Jianhong and other stars sought to cross-border LETV VR maxed out the Dalian Beer Festival "eco Grote beer" Gloryt will be offering summer cool big promotion! During the period from July to August, open network network "Grote drunk ecological" line the whole channel to promote the carnival, LETV living museum, LePar, super KA and the dealer sent jointly to promote the ecological benefits: Liu Jianhong Autographed football, million Hao Li, the national party theme Ecological Welfare wonderful one after another, to nationwide ecological beer carnival. read more

Luxury electricity supplier is now closed down the lack of supply is a fatal problem

introduction: one side is the hot consumer market, while it is dismal business, China’s luxury electric providers how to transition?

it is reported that more and more people are now trying to buy luxury goods online. Small to cosmetics, big bags and even luxury cars. However, in the world are optimistic about China’s luxury consumer market, many Chinese luxury sites have announced bankruptcy or loss of performance. One side is a hot consumer market, while it is bleak business, China’s luxury electricity supplier how to transition? read more

Beautiful said the phone connected to the entrance QQ named fashion

yesterday, the beautiful said officially connected to the phone QQ wallet QQ entrance". Said the official said the beautiful, the entrance will be the main mobile phone QQ and tap the consumption potential of female users of the mobile terminal.

at the beginning of this year, the beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong had claimed to be settled in WeChat, my bank card, but after six months, the final result is beautiful, said WeChat did not enter, but opened the phone QQ entrance.

said the beautiful shopping entrance name to buy fashion, page design and Jingdong shopping entrance design is not the same with the "opening ceremony", "dress group purchase" and "beauty sale" three columns, and the page using the waterfall flow design. read more

Multi point + total Wumart new retail both sides have plots


] January 30th news billion state power network, the day before yesterday (the year), multi point (Dmall) of the new "many seconds pay" as scheduled. Since then, users in Wumart shopping checkout, can directly show the membership exclusive code point, the staff after scanning automatic debit, which is more Wumart and constructed "second silver Taiwan does not line up the screen.

as a new function of multi point App, more pay a quick pay mission seconds. According to the multi point App page description, more seconds pay may bind entity card, Alipay (small free secret payments), electronic PR in addition to multi point App can buy the card. read more

The prospect of a mystery crazy enclosure Jiancang rookie network is ma world or express the future

Ma Yun set up for the rookie network, the national 24 hours delivery will reach the goal gradually began to achieve. Rookie network announced today in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three launched the first professional fresh storage and distribution center, from all over the world with fresh fruits, seafood and meat, through the cold chain delivery within 24 hours to reach consumers. As of the end of the month, the country will have 18 city can enjoy this service, along with the number and area of storage center continues to expand, the future can cover more of the city and even the country. Rookie network, in the end is the future of the world or Ma Yun read more

Dialogue Wu Xiaoguang explain the Tencent electricity supplier Pathfinder role

(source: Southern Metropolis Daily Nandu network)

in the Tencent huge Internet empire, a dependency has been sidelined others. Electricity supplier, in the field of fierce competition in China’s Internet industry, Tencent has been a low-key player. But in the end, this compared to interactive entertainment, instant messaging, "recruits", Ma Huateng was selected as the two Tencent restructuring "experimental field", split into separate Tencent electric holding company (ECC), and is expected to through the "independent listing" means to seek the next value. The day before, the Tencent electric holding company CEO Wu Xiaoguang in the "independent" after 3 months, for the first time in Nandu to accept an interview with reporters, a Tencent business Pathfinder role. read more

f you really feel bad network can earn a reference

I’m going to do it, I don’t have time to do it, so I donate it to you,

to decide what to do. Such as Asian friends,

and then promotion around, Asian friends, for the connection, you should be able to promote the connection,

this thing and less maintenance, the small flowers make a lot of money,For example, a


http://s.search.iask.com/cgi-bin/search/search.cgi? _searchkey=%D1%C7%D6%DE%BD%BB%D3%D1& _andor=and& _ss=sina& _search.x=10& _search.y=15 the first page 2 of my website.Www.9922.net www.5577.net

If I insist on doing this for 2 years, 3 years, 5 years,

If I keep update,

the consequences are terrible, money is great, read more

To network people will invest in open independent shop

              recently, often have a network via QQ or email to the author about independent shop problem. Some are hesitant to independent, some worry that after independence will not extend out of business, some worry that the independent cost is too big, the risk is too high, of course, there are many details about the network to let independent shop in the end is what is


in fact, these problems belong to different views, let the experts in different fields to answer, can give different answers. Entrusted by the people, loyal to the people, since the network of friends put forward these problems, the author from the common financial perspective ". Wrong, also hope to forgive me. read more

Website construction should pay attention to five aspects

on my personal site for many years, promotion, and customer service experience, we can not understand the importance of the majority of the site itself, often ignore the root nature of the site. But at this time, if the service provider selected by the enterprise is not able to, or did not prompt the enterprise to serve, the final business is still difficult to use the website to promote more customer conversion and inquiry.

foreign trade enterprises to establish a foreign salesman fit the reading habits of the Qingdao marketing website optimization, but also for foreign buyers search habits for optimization and promotion, let foreign buyers more easily find your read more