Case three squirrels why one day to sell $one hundred million

2014 double 11, Anhui, three squirrels Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "squirrel") hit a sales of $102 million.

was founded only two years of the company, its nut series has been ranked first in the whole network sales, three squirrels with what can achieve such a good performance?

I’ve been focusing on "three squirrels" for a long time. The reason to pay attention to it, is to realize the three squirrels "founder Zhang Liaoyuan marketing tricks are effective, because he is the traditional marketing people to do business, rather than from the growth of business. Through him, I think we can observe the future of traditional marketing, the traditional business of electricity providers in the existing format of the winning situation.

fortunately, I witnessed the rise of the three squirrels. Or, the rise of the first stage.


"three squirrels" have a very strong team, Zhang Liaoyuan dug a lot of talent, including all aspects of the electricity supplier. This is the first premise of his rise: no matter how good the vision, strategy, there is no reliable people to implement, it is equal to the air.

followed by his management. Obviously, the direction and the small details are very good grasp. The general direction is to grab comments, customer feedback; details are reflected in the entire process of graphic design and customer experience.

, however, these are the clouds, especially for those who have a certain stable sales sellers, they are curious, why do not you, get out of the industry the first explosion style monopoly? And why can break the original chapter Liaoyuan industry pattern, breaking the original explosion, and then expand the


do the evaluations, I thought the strategic points is as follows: liaoyuan.

find the main product

nut market is a red sea market. But the fruit (three squirrels) of the main product is a blue ocean market.

about 2006 or so, the first time I ate the root of the fruit, creamy flavor, taste good, feel better than walnuts. Then I ask a friend to eat a friend, after eating obsession, forcing her boyfriend for a long time to buy. So, chapter Liaoyuan choose pecan as the main, there is a deep motivation. The expansion of the root fruit market is to support the three squirrels current performance of the first key reasons.

but if you think this is blue ocean, then think simple.

Chinese businessmen enough, any blue ocean is the red sea. However, there is some light red, dark red. A new generation of pecan nuts in the market is red. Market competition is still very cruel, not just hang a three squirrel brand can sell to the explosion.

shop corresponds to the audience is mainly: Office owners, otaku. The essential need for them to buy Nuts is to add a little to the boring or busy afternoon. Secondary demand is to meet the appetite and brain health.

from this point of demand, they attach most importance to

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