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I have six years in this industry, although not a decent platform, but still earn some money in them. Advise the novice brother here, want to make money on the web is in fact very difficult, unlike the Wangzhuan tutorial that what day to earn a few hundred as if it were raining flowers, like the whole is a lie, with a nature of mlm. Money mode of this industry is the shape of a Pyramid, the league is always at the top of the Pyramid, a cornerstone of the top of the Pyramid is our chores for male also died of hard white grassroots website, surely we all know the bitterness.

my site is mainly to do alliances, or pick up some other people’s advertising. But so far I have only received 100 yuan of 7town. Domestic income on these.

relatively speaking, the dollar settlement of foreign websites is easy to make money. Like Google Adsense, Asian friends network, which introduces Asian friends, Asia is a veteran of the Union website, through advertising on your website to register a male membership is $1, a female membership is $2, but if registered 30 no one paid member, will reduce the pay the standard, but it is also very impressive, even more than RMB 1 dollars is 6, also better than the domestic league.

Of course, the

ad code to Asia, are ugly, so need to own an appropriate changes, how to change, believe the smart you should know, the simplest is to get some beautiful photos, then according to the visitor IP display these photos in, such as visiting is Chengdu IP, Chengdu show.

I can think of the best way to make money is this, as for the content of the site, the flow will need to work hard. Remember that one thing is king. No one there is no traffic, no traffic on what not to talk about! So want to make money on the site, but also need to adhere to!

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