When are we going to have more than PV

      the Alexa controversy recently began lively, did not want to train this a pool of muddy water, and yesterday a friend talked about some things, but also want to say a few words.

      many domestic information opaque, it is difficult to open access to real data, a lot of things, for external and internal look will have huge difference, such as: small SP SP greater than the more fraud is a mistake, in fact, no money to settle a little SP at most "stealing bead", "* *" ability can only SP.

      originally, the Internet business has its false characteristics, on the one hand, you do not have the popular business, or that have a "pattern" that is not suitable for newcomers; on the other hand, if you do not see the pattern, investors or investors will feel hopeless.

      in between, the pursuit of what became the target of Internet, and PV became an imaginary target, how to improve the PV has become the highest task most of the Internet Co, with the passage of time, people seem to forget to do, the ultimate goal is to make money (although may not make money, but) to achieve higher PV.

      for, some Internet Co rely on advertising revenue, PV means more communication, advertising can be seen as indicators, and now means a target, even those visitors can’t see exactly what PV (using client software imitation web access, but users can not see an increase of this page PV).

      in the outside world, the pursuit of PV than SP (telecom value-added service provider) mass information more outrageous, SP mass information to the user is not worth but can give the company more money, so many PV do? Don’t make money "this is yesterday a SP product manager mm said. In her view, the Internet is not reliable than SP. People are not afraid to look down, and now the Internet even mixed SP can not see.

      now many Internet Co seem to have forgotten the real purpose of the company, under the baton of PV, they would forget what to do, in order to obtain the current PV, many companies have their tactics used in the extreme (here not to disclose what move, many techniques in this) I think is the Internet seems to feel enlightened, Internet brothers is really too talented".

      only a short while ago, SP in order to make money also very talented, means it makes eye-opening, of course, some of it will encounter people disdain, but anyway, they want to earn money is, "washed" also have a capital, and now, if the Internet P>

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