Behind water electricity charges booksellers inventory turnover

price war so that electricity supplier companies indigestion, upstream suppliers forced to become their new play".

the day before yesterday evening, President Shen Haobo motie book on micro-blog complained that a large domestic electricity supplier through low-cost underwriting products, the formation of slow-moving inventory, but not willing to pay their suppliers and.

insider on the first financial daily (micro-blog), said Shen Haobo refers to the large electricity supplier dangdang. However, not to respond. The attitude of Shen Haobo on the matter also changed yesterday, said he would not talk about the matter. "The day is over, the business has to do," Shen Haobo said in micro-blog.

AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi said that from the settlement of Shen and electricity supplier website can be seen, the current electricity supplier platform and the relationship between upstream suppliers is particularly delicate. On the one hand, business platform has gradually become the mainstream retail channels, especially in the field of books, suppliers of discourse from strong to weak; on the other hand, the domestic electricity supplier price war frequently, depending on the vendor purchase, sales payment and forced suppliers.

"chorus a play"

this phenomenon is not uncommon. Electric business insider said, in order to show the speed up inventory turnover record, combined with "business enterprise and suppliers acting", is a common phenomenon.

normally, the electricity supplier website in order to obtain exclusive market advantage in the price war, often using a large number of underwriting, but once the market sales will face a sudden turn for the worse, a lot of inventory situation, such as more than 120 books category is generally limited to day time limit inventory. Thus, the electricity supplier website will require suppliers to cooperate, through false trading to improve turnover.

this practice is usually divided into two steps. The first step: the electricity supplier site will require suppliers to pretend customers will buy a single inventory, when the system records the sale, and then purchase orders to purchase these goods from suppliers.

the second step: the sales of the entire process of goods is not true in the virtual library, but the system has to buy and sell; after this operation is completed, the inventory turnover from the previous time will be more than 120 days to days can be controlled, such as within 30 days.

electricity supplier informed sources said the above operating methods are generally used by the electricity supplier companies to whitewash the turnover rate, but the money owed to the supplier will pay.

and Shen Haobo complained that his cooperation with the electricity supplier website with the purchase of virtual time to assess the credit period, originally more than and 120 days of goods have been retained in the warehouse, because the supplier help do virtual account, so the account period and continued for the next more than and 30 days to comply with the payment.

With the continuous improvement of the electricity supplier

discourse, suppliers are often in a position of coercion. Dangdang, for example, only in 2009 Dangdang in the book publishing market accounted for 53% of the market share. This makes the path dependence on the formation of the bookseller Dangdang and other electricity providers website.

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