Robin Li said internal propaganda in the end what The main is to beat the headlines today.

said, there is a letter in the chicken at the beginning of Robin Li internal mail began circulating on the Internet today, eight sister see horses, more than 6 thousand words, a simple look, looks like some face mask, it didn’t say anything. However, carefully ask the eight sister and asked Baidu shoes, this is not an internal e-mail, but Robin Li in the middle of internal conference speech, the speech was also posted on the Baidu network, and then spread out. So, if this is such a level of speech, a little mask to the right.

then, eight sister thought, in fact, Robin Li’s internal propaganda, is actually quite the spectacle. It happened after Baidu executives, the boss has just completed the airborne regression adjustments occur after last year, Baidu is not so smooth, the propaganda can also show Baidu some key of the year.

eight sister remember two years ago, Robin Li O2O as the focus of Baidu’s biggest last year, will focus on the artificial intelligence, and in 2017, surprisingly, he put on the first position of the content distribution, and point the flow of information products. Eight sisters feel that this is a significant change in the attitude of Baidu, which means that Baidu’s focus this year will be how to deal with today’s headlines, how to enhance the number of users of information flow products and advertising revenue.

good cutting, the following is the eight sister to Robin Li this speech some of the views of YY, you just look at it.

1, revisit the content distribution, aiming at today’s headlines.

it is worth noting that Robin Li did not mention his first before the new darling of "artificial intelligence" or financial, but will be in the first place content distribution, it is major changes. He even said: "content delivery is our core, we can exist, we can do a lot of business, because we have a content distribution of such a strong market, we must understand this truth."

Mao said this is a major change in Baidu? Because, in the eyes of the eight sisters, the word "content" is rarely seen in Robin Li’s mouth. In the PC Internet era, Robin Li believes that Baidu is a connection and information, the company, from the beginning of 2015, Robin Li began to speak, Baidu began to extend to connect people and services". At that time, in Robin Li’s vision, the content is just a small area, but Baidu can be a small part of the Paul. And now, Robin Li will content distribution as the focus of such words as Baidu, which is certainly worth thinking about.

eight sister feel, behind this is reflected in the mobile Internet, the war has ended, Baidu has accepted her in this era is not is the center and the entrance, from the Tencent of former rival has more than one person. Standing in such a self cognitive perspective, Baidu needs to do is how to make their own APP to open up the rate, the user has a viscosity, of course, if you can enhance the advertising revenue of the capital market to see hope, Baidu

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