Anhui parent home site local operations promotion program

Anhui home site positioning in his hometown is a regional nature of the nature of the B2C industry portal, a fixed customer base, while the Anhui parent-child home stores in Hefei have a certain brand influence. These are the development of the network of great help and available resources. The Chinese online commodity trading market has become more mature, the concept of online Amoy things has been gradually popular in Hefei, and the Anhui also has a large number of online shoppers, which are for the development of the site after the foundation.

website wants to develop, it is necessary to find out the shortcomings of the site itself, analyze the causes of the problem, learn from the successful mode of similar website operation, learn from other people’s success and successful experience

combined with the enterprise’s own characteristics to be creative use, so that the development of the website to follow. Here are some of the inadequacies of your website:

a website interface is too simple, the use of color is not reasonable, the site does not have affinity. The overall site is not enough atmosphere, giving people the first impression is that the site is not normal.

two. The content of the site is a single form, in addition to the product there is no attractive places, the news is not updated for a long time, the forum has not been well utilized, the site is very low adhesion.

three. Do not make good use of the brand of home and home of Hefei. Lack of cooperation with the local media and the outside world, lack of publicity. No combination of Hefei home and child home store resources planning to enhance the site brand effect to expand the site’s well-known activities.

four. Website commodity is too little, the price has no advantage.

five. There is no good way to pay the process, people feel safe enough.

China is now developing a better B2C site has 3, respectively, Taobao, pat Network, and the rise of Baidu have ah. Not all successful website has each different, but all of the success of the site, they are at the right time, make correct planning, resource accumulation and maximize the use of existing resources website promotion, website optimization of resources, keep up the pace of the market. The following is my analysis of Taobao and pat Network, there are some common network ah.

1. The design of the atmosphere, the use of color page level clear, the site structure of the column is reasonable, in line with Internet browsing habits, there is a pleasing feeling. High affinity website.

(the first impression of the site to determine whether the site can retain customers)

two. Rational use of available resources in different festivals or in specific period, in line with the people launched a variety of activities and promotions, to carry out various activities under the line, is the largest network of publicity and promotion.

three. The site is rich in content, each channel has a corresponding news channel, so that Internet users

master first-hand information or fashion information, even if you do not buy goods can also be a guest website

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