How to share through writing fun from the media

recently, since the media about writing quite touched, not only because he is walking on this road, and have friends around to write articles from the media, some of them are more earlier than me, see my article starts.

has a lot of friends to the old wheat message, including himself, but also have such a problem, why do you want to write articles? Why from the media to write out?

last month, laomai read an article "why write from the media?", I use mind map form out (pictured above), through the author’s ideas, we can find the answer you want.

The starting point of


everyone’s ideas are not the same, some amount of reading 10W+ in the pursuit of every day just advertising revenues are thousands of soft sister paper; some dedicated to the platform to connect hard advertising, but also to live than employees moist; there’s simply a hobby, do not talk about what sort of profit, heart and write……

said the old wheat early heart, not what the main flow, then ran hard advertising, but hope you can write an article, let more people see, so as to meet like-minded friends, join the quality circle, find some interesting projects, then such a simple idea, the beginning of writing the.

where is the content of writing


writing is not an easy thing to do, especially the special dry cargo share class of new media marketing from the media, the author can easily put their knowledge to promote drainage, optimization of tunneling, powder back and forth is that several methods, often a play to the extreme, you are the God level figure.

For example:

has seen some recruiting class variety show, why a large company to recruit so many SEO specialist, he is need every day a lot of people continue to do the optimization of different keywords, for ranking, get more traffic. Of course, this is not what to say, and you should be specific to each step how to operate, it is a different story, extending out there is a lot more.

from media content, not only professional knowledge, can also be some work, their own life experience, reading a book, think of an article, some hot news, dynamic comments, written in their own perspective, and then sharing out, and this is a source of old wheat every day write.

is work and writing contradictory?

time is by squeezed out, I think this is nothing, I also have their own work, usually will take the time to write, if you are a workaholic, I usually have to work overtime, it is recommended you to work in the first place, and actively work to rapidly enhance the ability of a the individual and position in the company.


does not have to write every day, arrange the time, can be a week to write an article, or a month to write two or three articles is enough, don’t need a lot of important.

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