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wheat field said, behind every great site, there is a naked woman. This is the only thing I agree with, because naked women are nothing more than a marketing tool for the web, and not a good one. Moreover, it is often said that the "great" is not my style, where there are so many great ah. So, this sentence is a positive solution should be: every time behind the domestic Internet marketing, there is a naked woman.

look at the ant network (www.mayi.com) recent trends, it is consistent with the wheat field, I write my heart, the consistent style. He said that, but also to do so, but a woman into a bunch of women. I said that these days the ant nets are soaring "real beauty contest, seckill PK".

traditional business marketing activities purpose is very clear, is to attract the target user, improve product sales. While the domestic Internet industry, especially the SNS community has not developed to a stage, products can sell so its marketing activities to attract users, can only say is, therefore, what attracts users, attracting over what is worth of dry.

ant network beauty PK contest attracted a large group of QQ users. This is not surprising, because the rules of the activity is to encourage players through QQ, MSN canvassing. QQ in the China Internet coverage rate is almost 100%, active users are young people aged 18-25, germination period for this group of users, more time, love beauty, is almost a common feature. In fact, I randomly selected nearly 50 players and cheerleaders, they invariably come from QQ.

derived from the facts and means, I can only think that the wheat field is to attract such user groups. Ants before the user may not be the same as the network and now, but this is a problem to consider the wheat field, press the table, we take a look at the ants to attract these users to do. Through analysis, I also see a dilettante toss about, temporarily can not see what users can do with these social business related behavior. Because the participants (including athletes and cheerleaders) entertainment tendency is quite serious. Why? You open every participant homepage, can be found in most participants log and articles section are empty, they are keen to add photos and votes and vote, almost all acts are directed at the beauty contest, regardless of the ant network has been advocating the social business direction. However, taking into account the wheat fields have said: the site to maintain a certain rhythm. I try to look at the promising prospects of this marketing approach:

With the help of

beauty PK game, a large number of QQ users into the ant nets, in the community through the beauty as a connection point, the development of a wealth of interpersonal relationship, the relationship is not to the authenticity of the premise, but has the younger and randomicity, their pursuit of a new brand, will produce a consumption impulse. The ant network, the appropriate introduction of a lot of products for young people, and constantly create products related topics, aroused the user’s discussion >

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