My views on China’s Digg model

because of the daily work, no time to write some text, there is a Digg mode of interest to my care website to write today, because we are the latest development of the same pattern in the site is running


contrast, domestic Digg sites are mostly point, no longer go further to do, from the surface looks, there seems to be no bigger confidence and courage, I don’t know why. I read some articles, there are many people in the Internet analysis mode of the comments, mostly mentioned most is the Chinese people do not love to share, most netizens commented on the news is not rational, most of them are seeking a stimulus, speculation and pain in the pleasure of watching these, and through time and confidence the elimination half, but I still want to continue to explore this model, because I do not believe that the crux of the problem is not the


under the combination of our site (http://s.feerbook.com) on China’s Digg model a little view!

1 design concept

said the design concept, not many web design workers understand the concept of foreign DIGG originator, the design should be much better than domestic, each visitor through the browser first browse, the color and the column planning produced the vexed feeling, believe that the second will not come again! Is the design of the column and organized planning is a very important step, of course, do this innovation also has certain difficulty


2 page style technology

some sites by ie looks very neat, but through the Firefox open, completely different, in fact, this is the point of website development, also not because most web site does not have the money early please good artists to design, but I think this is not the main reason of


3 site itself technology

for this point, I think most of the domestic Digg sites with individual action, the technology itself is not very high, you can not attract users from the application of a technology mainly, it is of course a submit news link, the user submitted a news, the system will automatically finish processing, all the information submitted by the user work, the final result is provided out of practice for the user review, including the title, description, thumbnail, link. In this way, the user directly after the approval may complete a news release, reduce the time, the efficiency is very high, I think this, domestic are rarely used, perhaps this is the website of the company was born not in action, do not use more time and invest in technology, where early and stand, very little money


above three aspects from the technical point of view, the analysis is different from other network lover good, I think if this pattern of deep, this technical problem is necessary to solve! For reasons other obstacles in the way of developing DIGG mode, I want to verify the above content is behind the


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