There is no exclusive variety era secret PPTV win win behind the secret pin

with the continuous market variety have a fever, the first half of 2015, many big production, big star variety shows have flocked to the market, high-quality resources attracted major video sites scramble, variety copyright dispute intensified, a dominant phenomenon is almost difficult to. Run the brothers as a variety of market ratings trump card, copyright competition even more to the peak, and ultimately run the brothers in the second quarter of the right to play the network by PPTV cohesion, including the enjoyment of the five video sites.

PPTV cohesion is in this context, adhere to the "interactive standard also show different experience, comprehensive integration and innovation of marketing channels, content and form, to the second quarter run male total Guanshang suning.com, opened up a" full penetration "against the traditional way of marketing. From April 7th -7 month 4 days, "PPTV run brothers" in the second quarter total play volume reached 871 million, the average amount of playing more than 72 million each program. The interaction is more outstanding, during the broadcast of PPTV cohesion online at the same time the highest number reached 16 million passengers, a barrage Tucao number exceeded 290 million, far exceeding the average level of the whole network, and promote the running man and suning.com word Baidu index peak blowout rise, reached a record high. PPTV cohesion by virtue of ratings and interactive dual leading edge to become the running brothers in the second quarter of the real win sales, marketing strength has been recognized and sought after a number of well-known brands.

precision marketing, user insight is the key

to the user as the center, starting from the user’s demand is the core concept of PPTV cohesion has long been maintained, and user insight, but also the basis of marketing communications. Only in-depth understanding of user groups, to explore their real needs, communication can be precise, targeted. PPTV cohesion using big data platform for tracking capture, for accurate positioning of the male fans run groups, in-depth analysis of its cultural circle, therefore its dissemination content can run programs in the continuation of the essence of man, create more "down to earth" interaction. Promos witty comedy, kichiku answer charmed the details of control and CP control. The value of Yan… Party game, all kinds of powder, the user can gain a different viewing experience in PPTV, comprehensive coverage of the audience demand. Micro-blog topic sponsored by PPTV cohesion # run TV run male # topic amount of reading up to 6 million 766 thousand, running man involved in the topic related to the extension of more than 12 million users, for the success of "brothers" run second season shows the total amount of the topic and diversion, attention straight, the strength of the platform across the peak.

strong penetration, integration of resources to help spread

is of great significance for the dissemination of resources integration, is a marketing problem, many marketing integration remain in use and gather the surface, it is difficult to extract the essence, deep penetration of effective communication. PPTV to run male total cohesion Guanshang suning.com, relying on running man content focus, integrated marketing, to maximize the use of various resources, channel support, expand the audience communication, strengthen the marketing chain propagation. In the program, suning.com as the program sponsors, props, advertising, naming seize all >

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