Pie as today’s nternet entrepreneurs generally hunger, may be desirable


is 2015, when you walk in the streets of Zhongguancun Venture Street, see the anxious crowd, but they generally dressed appropriately, and T-shirt, and printed with some LOGO. Some of them holding the phone in the memory of the business plan, is preparing to discuss investment with investors here.

they took an apple computer, went into the garage coffee, 3W coffee, coffee business hall, inside the warm discussion atmosphere. In their eyes, "subversion" "second" "industry first" "blue ocean" "more than one hundred billion" and other words from time to time. This is not what capital. Some entrepreneurs themselves rely on a plan and a mouth, got a 1 million investment (I see the pro), and soon traded, dispersed.


said, with the broken capital bubble, stock market volatility and the capital crunch, suddenly investors optimistic about the project, are not optimistic about the. Even with the "Chinese (* * * * * *" is famous American Internet companies) named, investors seem unmoved. Koala bus example, at the end of June to talk about the intervention of investment decisions with founder Aman Chang, missed the investment boom (by the end of July when she found the direction of investors have changed, from active into passive). This seems to be koala bus can not be sustained survival operations and fight for the industry’s leading position planted bombs.

but today we’re not talking about the koala bus, but Internet companies should give employees under

draw pie?

due to the large number of well-known enterprises have painted cake (such as Ali in 88 Mr. Ma Yun, his recent 16 years economic trend seems to have a fire, but in my opinion, Ma Yun is but a breath is the only entrepreneur. Born in China now mature Internet environment, then Ma, if the current venture, the probability of failure may reach 99%. I believe that technology driven and innovation is the next generation of Internet companies leader. Taobao this hodgepodge will disappear one day, to be replaced by the mode of leading.


so, draw pie can be desirable?

actually this topic has two sides. One thousand H one thousand D. said that the concept of the forehead. That is, to see an entrepreneur by itself. It was also said that the industry is looking at the boom; look at the feasibility of the project itself. Look at the right time. Wait。 Answer a lot.

is to draw pie, give his employees, partners, and look forward to encourage some comrades. It is called a "thought", "life is hope". Will you say a good coolie, state-owned enterprises base, if job is to ensure that there is no pictures of cakes. But yourselves meaning often lies in the company in a relatively difficult circumstances (such as financing difficulties, lack of operating funds, the wages of the employees is not free, liqihuo)


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