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actually, I don’t know 2008 personal website where is the way out? Published the article, just want to cause some of our thinking, the following are some of my personal point of view, if there is opposition, please loudly refuted, such as support, please find a way out, and share.

in the past, personal webmaster do stand: general entertainment station (at most), technology, navigation station, station information, download station and so on, based on the WEB1.0 products, resources will be posted on the Internet, but these actions have a personal webmaster hard, users as a silent audience. There is no interaction effect, did not let the the effect of Internet users. Personal energy is limited, resources are limited, we can not break the bottleneck caused……

I am a lazy person, do not love collection (it is not necessary, but information dump), love WEB2.0 website. Users update the content, when we silence the audience. Now popular WEB2.0 like James, campus, MySpace, video website, blog, watercress etc.. The love of watercress, really let users interact, let users really do… Said so much, just want to let individual owners to enter the WEB2.0, some people argue that WEB2.0 need not burn burn, personal website. Indeed, I also feel the burn up, but we cannot think? We can use our existing resources on the basis of 1 stations as the topic and interact to the 2 station? Can we do a very small area, so everyone in the discussion whether we can do? Their expertise and interest in the field, their own experience to explore together with you with


so, some small areas, personal website interaction or do it, the key is to do user experience, web design and function appears to be important, we must know the art and must be able to write code, heavy Internet users use some additional features to interactive.


we can no longer be silly to follow suit, should do their own thing…. Come on.

personal feeling, WEB2.0 very promising…..

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would like to hear everyone’s voice, to interact with


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