The best combination of e-commerce marketing strategy

Huang Xiangru: the best combination of e-commerce marketing strategy


] traditional marketing mix is based on product, price, promotion, effective combination of marketing strategies to complete the purchase of desktop products. The emergence of the Internet is changing the way we sell products and services. Consumers now search and buy goods online. So business organizations need to take online marketing strategies to attract and retain consumers. The combination of e-commerce and product marketing is born for online marketing. Let’s take a closer look at it.

e-commerce product strategy

if we walk into the store and see what we like, we can try the product. However, online shopping products, consumers can not test the product. But this is really the online product shortcomings? UK e-commerce is growing at an alarming rate. What is the reason? Why consumers would one after another online shopping? First of all, according to the study of Roy net online shopping, consumers to know the goods. Customers can immediately know the characteristics of the goods, this is not the general sales staff can provide. A British electronics store to provide all aspects of products with the performance index and other information, consumers can easily buy their products, of course, consumers can also pass through the store to provide online customer service phone to understand the product information.

in addition, the custom of the purchase also won more repeat customers, and make bulk purchases easier. Business organizations can provide small gifts and customers to buy goods sent to customers. For example, the online purchase of the printer customers additional cartridges. We can customize the customer to meet the needs of different customers. Nike offers custom sports shoes. Consumers can design their own sports shoes, and can see their own design of sports shoes samples, and then decide whether to buy.

e-commerce pricing strategy

before we mentioned in the e-commerce portfolio, pricing is a difficult thing and need to consider many aspects. The traditional pricing method is based on the production cost, the expected number of customers and the price of competitors and other factors. Because of the emergence of online stores, resulting in price competition is particularly fierce. For online stores, a lot of costs, such as inventory costs, the disappearance of the cost of staff, to bring pressure on traditional retailers.

consumers use the Internet, easily by clicking a button, you can find and complete the most cost-effective commodity trading. For example, the era of shopping mall network www.shidaie.com is a special blessing auspicious gift sales site. With the Internet, it is understood that these features do not have to go to the streets on the other side of the street, and the price advantage is much cheaper than the street, online shopping is so simple.

‘s growing online auction also helps consumers dominate prices. Engaged in online auction company eBay its members (buy)

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