To speed up the Baidu update of a coup, and how to do network peak

peak web site has been able to get the favor of Baidu search engine, updated several times a day, please see the screenshot below.


note: the top of the network is included in the screenshot is 51 query

1, put the user as God

we study SEO, in order to curry favor with Baidu and other search engines, but ignore the most we should please the object, that is to visit your site users. I used to listen to a SEO Master said: "the best site optimization, it is not optimized," this sentence means that the site is only a short-term optimization of the site to promote the auxiliary, not all of the site. Good service to your site user base, so that your site users get the best user experience, this is the best optimization. Peak from the beginning of the network to follow the user is God, the traditional concept, the site is a lot of users directly enter the domain name dingfengnet.com. A popular site, but also by the search engine welcome website.

2, do the original, not afraid to spend effort

all know that the original is time-consuming and laborious, copy or collection is much easier. So many webmaster not spend time to write good articles, want to put the results of others. This phenomenon has intensified, this may be the reason of acquisition software selling hot! Long time collection, is likely to face the problem of copyright, also faces potential may be Baidu K off, a not regret to be included in Baidu’s article, believe or not to appeal. In fact, spend a little thought, writing quality articles, is the fundamental driving force for the development of the website.

3, writing soft Wen, and published in the professional website

soft is a huge role in promoting, we must adhere to write a soft article published every day to the professional website. Now most of the site respect intellectual property rights, leaving a web link is allowed. But according to the personal experience of the author, writing, best not to bad credit forums, so not only can not receive the expected results, but also waste a lot of energy, it is a matter of The loss outweighs the gain. In order to promote the dingfengnet station, writing a number of website promotion articles published to people and legends of the three big Adsense website, that station owners forum, stationmaster net, laggards forum, but only after testing station network, laggards forum website is more effective, and relatively respect for intellectual property rights. While the station forum flattered, although is the first published article, many Baidu search engines are not collected, basically did not get what traffic from where, sometimes left connected to a source, you would say the article is reprinted still or website links, delete your post, or delete your connection. He does not know if it is not to promote the site who will spend a lot of effort to write their own experience

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