Buy site surviving winter second tier Corps financing difficulties

after a brief period of booming market, group purchase website from hot summer days, gradually into the bleak winter.

in September 27th, which invested several hundred million yuan in advertising, first invited celebrity endorsements of group purchase website "Groupon" traced to layoffs of more than 50%, the recent layoffs is the largest enterprise group purchase. This is the second year of Gaopeng, happy network group purchase was traced to massive layoffs, and a group purchase website to bring people to the dirt.

from the Groupon multiple points inside that in September after entering the site began large-scale layoffs, the company personnel allocation from 4000 to about 700. Groupon Beijing substation design Editorial Department of the original staff told reporters that his department had more than and 120 people, while the Groupon said finally, leaving only 36 people. Before the group of treasure net Suzhou station staff said that this situation also exists in their department, the original team of more than 40 people, only more than and 10 people.

for layoffs, Groupon PR Director Ms. Hu told the media responded that the company is currently on probation and not up to the performance of employees has been adjusted, but she did not disclose the personnel adjustment scale.

The main reason is the massive layoffs

group purchase website, the capital market for the domestic group purchase website investment tends to be rational, in a large number of sites burn early on the line, "to live frugally".

as early as the beginning of the birth of the group, Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu predicted that within a year, 99% of the buy site will fall, the next situation shows that the prophet is not predicted to come true Li Kaifu.

good day no longer

Groupon name for Groupon.cn, and is very similar to the site, the originator of group purchase website Groupon.com, in the early days of group purchase website trend, Groupon advertising also in electronic display major commercial buildings on replay. But now, according to the statistics of the navigation site group 800, whether it is in accordance with the sales volume or sales calculation, the group has not entered the industry treasure net top ten.

The latest 800 group

group purchase industry data show that in August the group purchase industry’s "million club" members increased to 7 seats, respectively, handle network, the U.S. group, full network, Wo Wo Group, public comment, 24 coupons and rice network, which handle network, the U.S. group, Wo Wo Group and other 13 major group purchase website in 204 the city launched a total of 73 thousand and 100 group purchase activities, an increase of nearly 54% in July 47 thousand and 500.

according to iResearch monitoring data, since March 2011, from China’s network group purchase market daily coverage and monthly visits ranked ten before the group purchase website, maintain all monthly visits and the proportion is about 80%.

and more small and medium buy site is still struggling online life and death. Group 800 monitoring, about 12% of the local group buying site for more than a month did not update, and another 4% of the net >

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