VeryCD rush transition portal users fear being carved up

is about to leave the new year back to the field of e-commerce website PEGGY executives are chasing fashion idol drama "accidentally fall in love with you", but as she is going to often visit the VeryCD website to make this movie download package a new home slowly, but to find a download link on the web page, VeryCD provide "accidentally fall in love with you" online watch address, click after she found out she was brought to the Sohu video playback page.

PEGGY did not know, just in the evening of January 21st, VeryCD deleted all video downloads. After that night, the past can be downloaded at the end of the day VeryCD the latest content of the film has gone forever – that Friday, VeryCD founder Huang Yimeng is particularly tangled.

yes, that night Huang Meng founded download share website VeryCD shut down the music and film the two download service, the two service flow together accounted for more than half of the total flow of the VeryCD website.

some unsuspecting users posted a message on VeryCD request again allow users to download resources; users are also issued a "leave VC" post; and the user said, know to change their habits in five or six years……

"this day is coming sooner or later." Huang Yimeng knows, he just wants to be a little late.

disappearance risk

No matter how many choices

Huang Meng helpless, he is very difficult to unsuspecting users to explain their situation.

GoldenEye a netizen said: "if the VeryCD does not return to the original resource development pattern of heavy, popularity and reputation of all accumulation in 6 years will be lost in half a year, it will quickly in the internet entertainment industry in a vast expanse of water disappear!"

‘s judgment is not without reason.

7 years ago, people began to love VeryCD, because of the open source P2P network share system based on eMule (eMule eMule) media resources website, let people can download their love TV drama. Those who love movies lying in bed in the people, do not have to go to the limited by the bandwidth and the pain of suffering.

VeryCD insists through open technology to build the world’s largest, the most convenient and user-friendly resource sharing network behavior of these years has been popular — they do not do portal, the media, do not follow suit, do not imitate, never vulgar.

and his team tried to Huang Meng Google as an example, the page to streamline the "menu" proud, free of charge, does not encourage users to linger, not to sell products. In this concept, VeryCD version of the program has accumulated more than 30 million downloads, every day tens of thousands of users through

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