Baidu yesterday, a major failure is caused by technical upgrades

as Baidu search Chinese dominate the field, although it has made brilliant achievements, but in the last two years has also been a little peace, especially the "shield door incident" to Baidu on Baidu in the webmaster in the teeth of the storm, the reputation has been not how good, say Baidu technology is rubbish. Yesterday, stationmaster net editor knife found that Baidu included error, write a news article "Baidu major fault site included many error floored friends" became the highest click stationmaster net article, but the author found that Baidu yesterday included error because the original is caused by technology adjustment……

pulled out of the screen door Baidu milk powder incident ""…… The "medicine" CCTV exposure so that Baidu faces a crisis of confidence of netizens, Robin Li quickly apologize first, then position seriously deal with the responsible person, then you blame the PPC strategy proposed is to launch the "phoenix nest plan", I have been very concerned about this, phoenix nest plan to make up for the defects of PPC


last month, the webmaster reflect the website Baidu included abnormal changes in the ranking is relatively large, especially Baidu Baidu yesterday’s failure of a paper to let the webmaster for Baidu technology disappointed.

In fact,

, which included two months of anomalies and failures are included yesterday is caused by Baidu’s technology upgrade, Baidu ranking rules have changed, this time to remind you webmaster friends SEO attention. The main changes highlight is the keyword matching, and the matching function is very powerful, that is to say the common keyword search results will be based on the local information, automatic matching area users such as " ", before the retrieval of talent; key is mainly to promote links and a relatively high weight of the large website snapshot in the front row. Now the situation is, promotion links still in the front row, but the snapshot (i.e. natural ranking) now but will focus on the previous ranking rules recommended sites related to the local talent, I located in Zhejiang city of Jiaxing, Baidu search " ", the first few personnel;; the position is for the promotion link, then is used the weight of high talent, Jiaxing talent network also ranked in the home front position……

here, I do not explain, you should see what ~! I think the Baidu technical adjustments, should be part of the phoenix nest plan, but also as far as possible to achieve precise search initiatives, if Baidu put this technology to improve, can be said to be a great threat the local station information classification……

IM, Baidu search, community, C2C layout has been gradually formed, and now this is not to prove safety measures, classification of area


Baidu, your plan. Make people look forward to……

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