Step footsteps beautiful said will be closed community domain how to do shopping guide

renamed Chinese ( October 30th news, recently, official domain name, click on the community page, we will see a "community closure notice", announced the community channel will be officially closed this month 30 days, stop user release function. This is the beautiful ( discovered a transition vertical electric shopping community, and a "shopping community" transformation.

figure: Community Page screenshot

and are two beautiful old women shopping community, dress up Master beauties first to rely on the share, doing well the female shopping community, its momentum has to let Ali point guard. Ali had done, including a Amoy found (, (stubborn rabbit), including a bunch of shopping guide community, inhibit the development momentum of such shopping sites such as beauty and said.

analysis of the industry, and now this kind of shopping guide website is not going up, not down, only try to transform. Step beauty footsteps, is not too much energy to do the community. In addition, in June this year to get $200 million investment, the transformation of vertical electricity supplier, is said to have reached $1 billion valuation. I do not know where the future of domain name

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