The three hurdle pure O2O platform, fight mode, square aunt do distribution

Abstract: the elimination of genes and the elimination of the evolution of the trend is hard, the elimination of the day with a strong subjective additional attributes. Since the full set of service chain and outsourcing to O2O online under the two most common patterns, self built channel line belongs to the heavy model, investment is large, but if the multiplier effect is received by.


O2O now just like excessive spring farmland, plus the capital of the Internet in the spring rain, many O2O companies emerged. But the law of the universe is the survival of the fittest, as time goes by, Tanaka’s seedlings is also a crop out of a crop, and finally be able to choose to grow up on the less.

if O2O is a new business model, it can not escape the law of nature. Natural selection is divided into three stages: the first is the gestation period gene eliminated out of the industry that is not suitable for O2O, such as standardized commodities industry; the second stage is the elimination of acquired competition: elimination of Paode, company structure, being eaten by O2O; the evolution of species is eliminated: the elimination of error or backward mode, and then replaced by the more advanced business model.

the elimination of these three, the elimination of genes and the evolution of elimination is a rigid trend, is not based on the will of a single company. The day after tomorrow is eliminated with subjective additional properties strong, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea gexianshentong. Here we will discuss the O2O the day after tomorrow eliminated in three hurdle:

hom a: pure platform (hungry Mody, aunt help)


platform O2O is divided into two types: the first one is the reason most pure platform, entrepreneurs because of cross-border in strange, resources can not be a short time to integrate the line, only to grab the first time in front of the entrance flow, making up the defects of line resource cannot be synchronized. The disadvantage lies in a short time to cross-border integration of industrial chain, as long as the industry has become the Red Sea, a large number of cross-border O2O will be killed; the second is the product itself can not form the deep online service chain, like movie tickets, theater and movie information online browsing information, reservation line straight line ticket machine, basically wireless experience this platform, due to the characteristics of the industry determines the line under the dilemma.

pure O2O platform features are generally based on the information technology to construct the grand entrance, early can quickly attract consumers, but the disadvantage is only updated online, because online and users cannot close contact, the company is very high EQ also know where the consumer pain points, but online Xinyou and inadequate, and then deep love can not stop the long distance, there are long-distance relationship break up that day, so pure O2O platform early can only be parasitic on the VC, the proportion of deaths is far higher than the real cable under the O2O industry.

Hom two: fight mode (everyone express, called a duck)

‘s expansion model has two kinds: one kind is the intelligence type expansion, this kind of company’s characteristic is obtains the user through the intelligence innovation, for example Tencent, apple, Microsoft, small

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