How to do the tracking and extrapolation effect can save time and effort

Recently, many

users are asking Xiao Bian in the end how to track the effect of extrapolation in order to save time and effort. To tell you the truth actually small make up very early to teach you a useful and practical method, but some people think that in order to avoid the small "child care" of the suspects, so Xiaobian has not said, but now that there are so many buddies wanted to know the answer, so we demand is small series of obligations, believe it or not, today here to use this method to teach you.

do not know that we usually do not pay attention to some promotional tools or software habits. Because it is a small series of technology control, so usually prefer to collect some of the industry’s overlord software. Some time ago encountered a can track extrapolation effect artifact, small series of homeopathy in the bag, waiting for the right opportunity and buddies to share! Talking about this software, Xiao Bian think it is the biggest characteristic of the system can track and analyze a situation, to account for keywords the news source of competition situation, competition situation, effect of the amount of information platform and effective news source status of the status quo, at the same time in the automatic query of survival, links included, rankings can also generate related data tables, let buddy push foreign effect at a glance.

almost forgot the point. The name of this powerful system called cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system, is a platform for the promotion of science and technology at Shanghai to develop a intelligent, want to know how to do simple extrapolation tracking effect partners look it up on the Internet related information, and then you’ll find that small said all is true, many the buddy is in use.

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