On the optimization and promotion of tea website

with more and more people online selling tea, tea related keyword search is becoming more and more popular, the competition was fierce, undoubtedly, online selling tea more profitable than the general business website, more suitable for individual entrepreneurs. Here, I would like to talk about the optimization of tea website.

, a search engine optimization: focus on the title of the site, such as "Tieguanyin" website, now very popular Tieguanyin, visitors will first search "Tieguanyin", but the search results a lot of advertising, turned a few pages may be of no interest, it will turn to the search for "Tieguanyin knowledge", if still did not find satisfactory results. It will search "Tieguanyin tasting technology"…… this suggests that the title of the site is very important, for example, you can write "Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea processing technology knowledge and cultural exchange.." such a simple title, and search keywords may be" Anxi Tieguanyin Tea, oolong tea, Tieguanyin tea cultivation, tea processing, tea culture, tea knowledge, knowledge of Tieguanyin tea processing technology,.." this configuration is more suitable for home. And on page such as "column" and "channel", is to have the corresponding title and keywords, even a single page, such as channel, "tea culture", the title should focus on the tea culture and tea ", the list also have tea tea culture content, related titles such as:" the Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea tea culture and tea ceremony ", the title of Miss performances including" tea culture, tea culture, Anxi tea culture, tea, tea lady, tea ceremony and other commonly used search keywords. Your list of articles will be enclosed with these words. A single page, such as: the title "Anxi tea culture historical exploration", including "keywords tea culture, Anxi tea culture, tea history, tea history of Anxi", your content should be these keywords. Finally, attention must be paid to the design of "good" and the entire station site map page "html" static treatment.

two, experience Optimization: focus on the site’s content easy to understand. Design web sites and columns for visitors’ needs. For example, many visitors may visit your site is to find some tea pictures, you should write the column popular "find pictures", the content should be related to a large number of tea pictures, so that visitors will have a great chance to view the collection for your website. If a visitor in your website is to buy tea, then you simply write the best navigation bar "Fen" and "Luzhou" "Chen Xiangxing" "recommended combination purchase" at a glance ". For example, "find the video" merchants to join "" tea knowledge "and other such column words. The whole point of highlighting clean, everywhere have Sitelinks, have recommended reading, the purpose is to keep the visitor’s eyes, so that they can collect your website. If your site is to introduce tea information and technology as the focus, to highlight the news you are familiar with the types of tea, such as "news", "tea producing areas" section, "tea forum," tea merchants "contact", rather than "mail list lists all the >

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