E-Drive experienced layoffs founder of crazy roller coaster

I dark horse Yang Bocheng, Zhou Luping, November 14th, reported

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[small] defeat E-Drive layoffs! Founder readme: I experienced a roller coaster like crazy

today broke the news that the Internet service platform for O2O E-Drive began massive layoffs, mainly related to technology and BD (Business Development) and other jobs, layoffs ratio reached 30%. Afternoon, E-Drive issued a statement, confirmed the facts and layoffs, E-Drive CEO Yang Jiajun have confirmed, and said it would make every effort to compensate. In this regard, he said that layoffs because some of the bloated body, overlapping positions, low efficiency.

Yang Jiajun internal letter that the surge of people is a mistake on the management of the company, he is the greatest responsibility of wrong, "within one year a large number of personnel recruiting a large number of this is very irresponsible, I sincerely apologize to all my mistakes. For those who have to leave, we will do our best to make up for you, but also contact our close cooperation partners and entrepreneurial companies in the first time to help you find the right position."

this, good credit network founder Li Mingshun review said that rapid changes in personnel is indeed a taboo, enterprise management a great challenge, unless business continued fast on a high, the team fit the needs of the accumulation of time, otherwise the risk is very high.

but causes the surge of people, whether there are other factors that restrict the development of the E-Drive


early into the board, harvest opportunities, financing $more than 100 million

"one of the advantages of E-Drive is in very early, he seize market opportunities." Did the "first generation driving" Pu Junjie said to I horse, with market opportunities, behind the generation of driving brand in no strong financial help, more difficult than e-drive.

public information, E-Drive App launched on October 2011, and received millions of RMB Chinese Jingwei angel investment in March 2012, can be said to be the first incoming startups.

at the time, Yang Jiajun, Huang Bin and Sun Jingchuan were selected as trial and error, drunk driving on behalf of their field of entrepreneurship. This is a vertical to almost no scale industry. That year, less than twenty thousand days a day in Beijing single wine driving. Assuming that the national market is 4 times in Beijing, the average customer price of $200, the market size is only about 2 billion a year.


but they believe that this figure is repressed by the backward production mode of digital.

In order to obtain the

of traditional industries according to the accumulated experience, investors said, Huang Bin went to the experience of driving on behalf of the company for about half a year. Then, three of them in the complicated design industry pain points on behalf of the driving rules, and to "App+IT" operating system "driver + consumer". In order to make people become drunk driving on behalf of the just, E-Drive to "full-time"

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