Fast and easy founder of the two venture to do business with the electricity supplier Liu Qiangdong

Guan Jian

traditional business growth stabilization, vertical electric A new force suddenly rises. In 2015, the automotive industry is a vertical field of Internet "coerced". Hard to build trading platform closed loop, but the mature profit model has not gone through.

Along with the fast and easy

founder Bu Guangqi had ho throw $25 million two business "to buy", the Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong at the beginning of the year to Tencent shares BITAUTO curve into the automotive electricity supplier, two people staged a year following the Jingdong, easy game two after the battle of the fast. This is different, Bu Guangqi up at this point trading platform to play, and behind them, as well as Ali car BAT platform coveted.

December 27th, Analysys International Senior Analyst Qian Wenying told the "First Financial Daily" reporter interview that, in 2015, the new business emerging a lot of entrepreneurial platform. In comparison, BAT into the automotive electricity supplier is more than the demands of automobile starting ecology, make money selling cars, but like car finance, car service and other ecological, to set aside this vertical entrepreneurial electric car development space. Automotive electricity supplier industry is in the exploratory stage, small companies still have the opportunity to do it.

scrambling to get through the transaction closed loop

analysis of the industry, the automotive electricity supplier is generally split into a new car, used car, car service O2O three segments to study. The past two years, due to the presence of more than two of the market in the face of the second line of second-hand car and car service market, there are many consumer pain points, and thus the degree of competition for the transformation of the Internet and a higher degree of competition. Especially after the car service O2O market, the emergence of a large number of start-up companies in the past two years, but there have been many cases of death in the capital under the cold winter.

in 2015, the new car market showing a rapid growth momentum. One side is like the car home, car and other traditional car information website by the diversion platform transformation of the car trading platform; the other side is like a car that do one up on the trading platform of the entrepreneurial team. However, the same thing, no matter where the starting point, the new business goal is to get the transaction closed loop, but this is not an easy process.

, for example, was created in Shanghai electricity supplier website Yi Xun Bu Guangqi just generous investment $25 million into the car business, the handwriting is roughly equivalent to the general business start-up companies B C round round and even the amount of financing, in the words of Bu Guangqi, electric car (car electricity supplier) may be "the last good opportunity Internet plus" in the field, and is the largest electricity commodity market order, to hold a high.

it is worth mentioning that, at the beginning of 2015, the Jingdong to join the Tencent of BITAUTO investment of $1 billion 550 million from the scattered auto parts sales vehicle market entry. Liu Qiangdong and Bu Guangqi scores, from the initial integrated electricity supplier into vertical electric field. This is also reflected from one side, the growth rate of the integrated electricity supplier is becoming more stable, such as vertical class electricity supplier will be competing parties in the future layout of the breakdown of the field, but also the potential increase of electricity providers

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