Huang Xiangru a commonplace talk of an old scholar of blog marketing

market happening everyday turn the world upside down changes, the traditional enterprise marketing, public relations and customer communication has been overturned, if not promptly take this change into your business, you can only watch their competitors to catch up. No matter which industry you are in, the blog is an important tool for the successful marketing of the Internet era!

blog is the network diary, English word for BLOG (WEB LOG abbreviation). The so-called network diary content is usually open, they can express their network diary, others can also read the network diary, which can be understood as a man of ideas and knowledge sharing on the internet. Blog, as a typical application of web2.O tools, popular in the China users in the rate already considerable: according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the investigation report in 2007 China blog ". Show that at the end of November 2007, China blog has reached 72 million 820 thousand, the number of bloggers reached 47 million, an average of nearly 4 per Internet users in one blogger. At present, the domestic BSP market presents three forms of coexistence. One is the independent operation of the BSP, such as Blogcn, Blogbus and so on; one is the traditional portal website is established based on the BSP, such as Sina blog, blog and other Sohu; one is set up by means of related products such as BSP, QQ, MSN, NetEase space space Space. The current market share, Tencent QQ, Sina blog, NetEase, Sohu have higher market share.

blog marketing: is to use the form of blog and resources to carry out network marketing.


blog has knowledge, autonomy, sharing the basic characteristics, it is the nature of the blog, the blog marketing decision is based on personal knowledge resources (including thought, experience and other forms) form of information transmission network. Therefore, to carry out blog marketing is the foundation of knowledge, learning and effective use of a certain area of knowledge, and through the dissemination of knowledge to achieve the purpose of marketing information transmission. Related blog marketing concept and the enterprise blog marketing blog, etc., these are also from the blog application perspective to define the description, the main difference of personal blog that out of personal interest or even personal privacy for content. In fact, whether called enterprise blog or blog, or marketing or general blog is a personal act, does not rule out a collective writing the same blog theme may, but in terms of writing content and the starting point is different: the enterprise blog marketing blog or have a clear business marketing purposes, the blog article more or less with the enterprise marketing color.

blog marketing advantages

blog is a tool for information dissemination and delivery. Compared with the blog website, the content and distribution of blog articles are more flexible. Compared with the portal advertising and news, blog communication has greater autonomy

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