WeChat how to start from the psychological characteristics of fans

in order to promote the effectiveness of WeChat, it should have a lot of fans and reprint. Those WeChat promotion effect is not good, the main reason is because the content can not attract fans, no one forward and click, even pushed to the fans, they do not necessarily open the link to see. Here would like to talk about the psychological characteristics of WeChat fans crowd, how to make fans forward WeChat.

generally speaking, there are three main types of fans, namely, sharing, cautious and expressive. From their own to consider, we are in the forwarding of the content of others is basically the three cases. Here is to introduce these three groups of fans.

a, share fans

circle of friends in real life there will always be a few people who are willing to share good things, such as delicious food, fun places, fresh things will be shared with friends in a timely manner. Usually after a friend to read the content will be thinking, this is not helpful to friends, friends want to see it when he thought about these will not hesitate to press the forward button.

two, cautious fans

cautious fans to see the content will think about this content can not be forwarded". After some content sharing can share the character to see or do not want to let people know things, so they will share money who will see his scruples to share content, share content will not damage their own image. WeChat circle of friends are usually friends, relatives, colleagues, leaders or other people who often deal with, so when the content will be forwarded to consider their own identity, which is cautious fans.

three, expressive fans

this kind of fans will be able to think of the content, the content can show some of his information, such as personality, identity or ability, which seems to be beneficial to themselves. We need to know that people do things for a reason, we also want to attract fans in the content, so that they can find the reasons for forwarding, from the user’s needs or interests to consider. Modern society is an era of information dissemination speed, as long as your content is fresh enough, will spread in the first time.

After a

user forwarding psychological analysis done, we will be on the WeChat public number of fans were analyzed, such as reading and forwarding needs, user attributes, psychological characteristics, course content must be targeted, so that we can find more accurate user groups, only the promotion significance.

is now a lot of WeChat promotion all love will imitate others, forwarding the public number of other content on the copy to their own public number and others did not achieve the same effect, this is why? Because you don’t know what users really want. If your users are mature women, you release a little fresh love every day, it is clear that they do not like, this is the young girls like to see. So your users will lose a little bit.

to do a good job in WeChat promotion, on the

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