Baidu stick promotion series under the rules of life

said an article in the Baidu Post Bar is a "big fat" but around a piece of meat with "hot blooded" ambush size bar, can be seen everywhere in the 50 Fen party, and "advertisement" enemies all the Post Bar member, make it very difficult to launch and application promotion. So we have to understand the rules (stick rule article, can search Baidu Post Bar promotion rules and precautions) view, under the rules to get a line of vitality".

this article on the main share, several more effective "vitality".

Baidu internal transfer gate

in Post Bar, some obscure. It is difficult to survive, but the domain name with the "Baidu" link is all over the place. We can use this to promote. For example, in a management is not strict, the atmosphere of the cold stick, send a soft paste or website, product introduction. And then write down the address of this post, plus a word, such as: surprise transfer door, and then send it to those who compare the fire bar. If you are still afraid of being discovered by the administrator to delete the post, you can paste it in the target groups and advertising posts in the middle of the paste, more than one to two to send a post. Do not recommend the use of this method, so that although increased security, but because of the excessive number of transformation, the effect will be discounted. The best solution is: for you to apply for a Post Bar, you have to send some articles about the promotion of content in the post, the title drawn up for most of the posts in the Post Bar headlines are related to what you want the contents of promotion. Then in the other post bar can be sent directly to the transfer of the post you posted the home page.

in addition, you can also use Baidu search some of your site ranked first in Baidu keyword, and then send the address to the promotion of the bar.

comment: operation difficulty: the lower survival rate in effect: (judging by extension)

clever stick post culture

do stick promotion, should know: Baidu post bar has its own "culture". In the promotion process, the unique elements of selective insertion of Post Bar, and Post Bar are more likely to close the distance between the members, reducing their "exclusive" feeling. Such as hand signature: in Post Bar, because there are a lot of series is not enough, and unable to set the signature of the members, so they want to approach the cup hit signature, each post, will be in the back with the signature. To the back, some of the members can set up the signature also started posting in this way. How do I use this way that we generalize? Two examples, such as the first person to play the tragedy: the first line signature, second for my personal website: love shopping network, welcome to the crowd ~ second: the first line of awful dividing line, second lines of personal website I built, copy and paste look, the "point" words to the decimal point and will not be pregnant.

this way is mainly used to reply, reply to it, the best and the new content, Bietai ">.

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