The construction of Wuhan University Graduates beauty hacker website behavior has constituted infrin



"Wuda beauty" website screenshot.

Washington (reporter Du Anna, Zhang Chenzi Intern Feng Junfu) yesterday, "a handsome jiaocao Wuda campus Belle PK" post on the Internet became popular, attracted many onlookers. Subsequently, the reporter log on this website called Facemash Wuhan University. Two students according to the documents and Zhenwu school display page, each refresh a page, it will appear different players". Not only that, users can also through the photos below the option of two students was pointing, and score the vote, and the votes more students will get on the site list. List of men and women two versions, respectively, with 18 places, according to the votes. Some netizens joked that this is simply a campus beauty contest".

page design from the point of view, the producer is obviously a follower of Facebook founder Zuckerberg. About how to build this "beauty ring" of the mind, producers to explain: "in fact, in this slightly sad graduation summer, can provide such a website for students, as usual, and 35 friends walking together in a familiar Luojiashan campus, comment on your side passing hotties, you don’t I know, I do not know you, is not necessarily a bad thing?"

for this, the reporter made contact with Wuhan University. The school Party Committee Propaganda Department staff responded, said: This is the invasion of the internal affairs of the school’s internal affairs department website, the use of loopholes in the system, through the network means to download student information, the establishment of their own website."

it is understood that the students were exposed to school graduates this year. The school said, because yesterday was found on the Internet posts, the matter is still in the investigation stage. We are on the way to disclose information and events of the investigation, for the early repair of the system to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of students."

Deng Yao, director of intellectual property rights of Specialized Committee, Guangdong Province Bar Association lawyers believe that the behavior of the creators of the

has constituted infringement, students can report to the public security organs through the school, to safeguard their rights and interests. Deng lawyers said, without the consent of the parties, and the photos on the network, there may be potential risks. This behavior can be identified as the right to portrait of the students constitute infringement. On the other hand, the school has the obligation to maintain the internal database security, so there are some mistakes."

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