Guangdong nternet industry conference in the provincial science and Technology Museum

webmaster network June 8th news, 2010 Guangdong Internet Conference this afternoon of June 6th at the Guangdong Science Museum completely dropped the curtain, nearly more than 600 Internet Co and the webmaster guests from around the country gathered in the road, for the brilliant development of domestic Internet and add a wonderful.

According to the organizers of Guangzhou

webmaster club director Yang Binchang: the Conference Committee Propaganda Department of the sixteenth Asian Games, Guangdong Science Museum, Guangdong cultural network, Guangdong Marketing Association, Guangdong computer society, support and guidance of the General Chamber of Commerce Chinese merchant. The conference was hosted by the Guangzhou webmaster club, Admin5 webmaster network, the only network in Dongguan, the Federation of webmaster, Dongguan network culture association. Activities of the China century, Guangdong bdqn IT Training Sponsorship, "master" magazine provides 600 magazines.

theme of the conference "webmaster to join the industry innovation and development, to create a new cooperation platform" webmaster and enterprise, highlighting the characteristics of Guangdong conference in Guangdong, Guangdong, e-businessmen, characteristics and operation of the station owners do low-key. Guangdong Marketing Association Vice President Dr. Zhou Dianbin, chairman Chen Hongbo of Guangdong Province Institute of Computer Engineering secretary, deputy secretary general Li Zhenkun, Chinese merchant of Guangzhou General Chamber of Commerce Branch Secretary General Wang Nan, Secretary General Li Meng, Chinese CyberFair Secretary General Secretary General Zhang Xinliang, Mr. Wang Congyun, vice president of the South of the Five Ridges business association, vice president of the Dongguan Association of Internet culture, Mr. Sun Mingming Deputy Secretary General Li Yuting, webmaster Chen Guoqiang editor, well-known master K666 Sail Technology President Mr. Guo Jijun, general manager of Maoming Internet Co He Jinwei, the ancient city of Yang Yun, Guangzhou Fantong general manager Zhang Huan, director of China Fan Caijun in the future life, network general manager Chen Chunlai, enterprise channel South News Center Manager Jiang Haifeng, the famous marketing Alibaba Zheng Junya, the red child Southern China district official Zhang Hongwei, general manager of network type Yan Chunhong, vice president of Guangdong province Zhang Shixiong Yi studies institute, Taihe international Feng shui. The meeting was also attended by Guangzhou webmaster club member representatives, Dongguan Network Cultural Association member representatives, Guangdong University Forum of the association of member representatives, Guangdong Marketing Association member, Guangdong Province Institute of computer, Guangdong Internet business representatives from all over the country station, a total of nearly 600 people.

general assembly by the first vice president of the Guangdong Marketing Association, the famous combat expert Dr. Zhou Dianbin welcome speech. Guangdong Province Institute of Computer Engineering Chen Hongbo, Deputy Secretary General of Dongguan network association Mr. Li Yuting co sponsor representatives welcomed the participants members, guest speakers in the next part of the webmaster in network editor with the recent hot hadronic Bo excellent share some wonderful view of optimization and operation, get everyone agreed. Love gathered Guo Jijun witty speech, won the audience and the audience burst of applause. The Asian Games know how much link to mobilize the audience to participate in the meeting, the final 10 lucky to get tickets for the Asian games. Alibaba famous network marketing expert Zheng Junya tells about the construction and marketing of the network brand to allow operators to receive inspiration from the future life network to share the future life of Chen Chunlai

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