Guangzhou Financing Guarantee ndustry Association prohibit Guarantee Corporation to participate in


technology news April 29th morning news, Guangzhou Financing Guarantee Industry Association issued a "notice on the prohibition of the city financing Guarantee Corporation to participate in the P2P network platform business recently" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). Notice pointed out that the P2P network platform is prone to illegal fund-raising and other acts, which prohibit financing Guarantee Corporation to participate in P2P network platform business.

recently, all over the country to increase the rectification of P2P net loan platform, more than a document to stop the registration of P2P platform. One of the main reasons is that the number of regulatory tightening P2P platform, according to the network home loan statistics, as of March this year, the domestic financial P2P platform set up a total of up to 3984, 1523 companies have closed down or run away.

previously, Guangzhou Financial Industry Association, Guangzhou Internet Financial Association, Guangzhou City Real Estate Association in 3 days before the industry association jointly issued a document, all stop Guangzhou area P2P platform, the congregation raised the purchase Shoufu loans and other financial services. (Xu Li)

the following is the full text of the notice:

on the ban on financing Guarantee Corporation involved in P2P network platform related business notice

financing Guarantee Corporation:

recently, the national P2P network platform frequent risk events, all localities have stepped up efforts to rectify the P2P network platform, and more to stop the registration of the new platform P2P. P2P network platform for ubiquitous high interest returns, false items, false propaganda, set up the pool of funds and other irregularities. Prone to illegal fund-raising and other risks. In order to prevent the city Guarantee Corporation to participate in financing risk P2P network platform may lead to security, sustainable development, financing guarantee industry in our city at the national level on the P2P network platform issued a formal regulatory rules, put forward the following requirements:

(a) prohibit the financing of Guarantee Corporation for the P2P network platform to provide financial guarantees, litigation preservation and other services;

(two) prohibits the financing of Guarantee Corporation and shareholders of the city, the relevant parties holding or equity P2P network platform;

(three) prohibits the P2P network platform as a financing shareholder of the city’s financing Guarantee corporation.

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