Chinese subtitles sharing website official closure need my era has gone away

A5 webmaster network ( November 23rd news, yesterday evening shooter network Shen Sheng issued a statement saying that there are 15 years of the shooter officially closed. On the same day everyone also announced the temporary closure of the station, said it is cleaning up the content.

shooter is a theme of the Chinese film subtitles information exchange platform. It is not for profit purposes, nor has it anything to do with any for-profit organization. It is a platform for voluntary translators to store and communicate.

But with the

at home and abroad to the film and television resources piracy fight intensified, subtitle translation also involves copyright issues of video resources, A5 webmaster speculates that this is the main reason for the striker after the closure of all film and television network.

the following is the full text of the shooter announcement:

shooter network with me for 15 years.

I hope subscene has the value is to make more people across the country to climb the fence, understand the world of different cultures.

if this site has helped people, I have been very satisfied.

, however, the era of Sagittarius needs to be gone.

so, today, Sagittarius officially shut down.

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