National network of pornographic video candid video shot clear

multi sectoral joint fight against online pornography search engine service providers to filter pornographic content –

Washington spread pornographic program "black sites" is found to be included in the "black list", the telecommunications sector of the closed, each basic operators and Internet access units shall not provide access to the. Reporter yesterday learned from the Ministry of public security, from January to September, regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action carried out in the country, to the website promotion forum moderators, bar and chatroom host name system, search engine service providers also will be the deadline for plugging pornographic content.

– a year off cleaning up 44 thousand websites

up to now, China’s audio-visual program services provided by the site has reached more than 60 thousand. Ministry of Public Security said that the audio and video program website, blog, podcast and peer to peer network has become the main channel of online dissemination of pornographic information. Some unscrupulous personnel to escape the fight, the creation of pornographic sites in a number of places, change the network address, and even pornographic websites transferred to the outside world, the spread of the territory, the development of members, illegal profit.

according to statistics, last year, the national public security organs cracked Internet pornography and other 524 criminal cases, criminal detention of 868 people, and the online public security case 1609, the punishment of 1911 people; close, clean up domestic pornographic websites, web page 44 thousand, delete online pornographic information of more than 44; to investigate and punish the illegal operation the Internet service unit 8788, record 199 thousand websites, 14 thousand without filing, approval of the site to stop access service.

– Candid column all clear off

According to the

‘s deployment of special operations, a large number of illegal dissemination of pornographic information using the Internet and mobile phone; the pornographic website launched overseas to domestic dissemination of pornographic information and develop members; organizing online pornographic performances and online fraud, prostitution; engaged in network theft, gambling and sale of contraband and other criminal activities will be the focus of attack.

provides a platform for the dissemination of pornographic information, and dissemination of pornographic pictures, porn clips, pornography and other content for pornographic information network blog and podcast to clear all closed; clearance will also be closed to videotaping, dew point, emptied, adult literature column. In addition, according to the requirements, the search engine service providers to take a variety of effective measures to strictly limit the time to filter pornographic content, sex products advertising and pornographic website advertising should be fully cleaned.

– no management site will be closed

the Ministry of information industry has been set up illegal website blacklist system, will be closed, and the site and the site sponsor blacklist to be informed, the basic operators and Internet access units shall not provide access, and gradually establish the relevant operators for bad credit record system.

it is understood that the previous period of the dissemination of pornographic and pornographic programs, the management of the program issued by the request to delete the delete >

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