What is the attitude of large food chain to O2O

this year, the rise of a new electricity supplier model is O2O. What is the O2O O2O that is Online To Offline, but also about the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions. The online consumer to the real store – online payment of goods and services under the purchase line, and then go to the line to enjoy the service. So today to share a large restaurant chain attitude towards O2O is how it?


a, book

1, products, prices are determined. But the time consumption by the consumer control, so for the seats, different time reception capacity can not control; 2, online reservations from technical point of view can be achieved, but due to man-made changes and businesses for their own sales secrecy, but also difficult to achieve in advance reservations;

3, for the scheduled seats, there is a way to achieve, is to take out some of the seats scheduled, the rest are still waiting to be confirmed or to the store.

two, take away

1, for taste, may be like McDonald’s, KFC and other fast food advantage, other food will affect the taste of a long time, fresh;

2, for the way of delivery, many delivery personnel daily working time is only 2-4 hours, so the cost is too large to hire full-time and part-time on hire, if liquidity is higher, so in accordance with the Commission gives bonus is perhaps the most suitable way;

3, although the takeaway for businesses can reduce the space cost, but also need the time cost and distribution cost, and the data show that sales of more than takeout to store consumption but also much lower, so take profit margins actually smaller;

4, for the restaurant, the atmosphere is very important to eat, takeaway food is certainly no restaurant atmosphere.

three, large-scale food chain to do O2O

1, large food chain visibility and brand are not a problem;

2, a large restaurant chain with a large line, free flow entrance, promotion easier, more loyal consumers;

3, due to the objective reasons for the space constraints, so the food and beverage companies in the meal time period of limited capacity, so the O2O can be achieved by means of dislocation sales. This "dislocation" means such as through a predetermined stagger dinner time (natural, there is no way to change eating habits), but this time the consumer consumer guide to delivery, delivery mode, or to guide the low peak outside of the main meal consumption O2O.

four, due to the economic crisis, the food and beverage industry is also affected by the beginning of a decline, but the brand is better, small and medium food is even more difficult.


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