Liu Chuanzhi entrepreneurs should learn to promote their own insist on doing ten say nine


technology news July 9th afternoon news, Lenovo holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi WILL said in today’s meeting of the legend of the star "the future world conference, today’s mobile Internet development is just a beginning, artificial intelligence, biological engineering and intelligent hardware changes and the Internet will be combined with the new development direction in the future.


Liu Chuanzhi believes that due to technological innovation and policy support, Zhongguancun from 20 years ago called "liar Street", "Daoye Street" into the focus of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the subsequent dialogue session, Liu Chuanzhi also reminded entrepreneurs, to learn to promote their own, uphold the principle of doing ten to say, at the same time, we should also attach importance to political and business relations.

Liu Chuanzhi said, Chinese dynasties for thousands of years was nothing new, after the emergence of the steam engine, to change the pattern of the world, but also broke the traditional political system China of a pool of stagnant water. 40 years ago, the emergence of PC machines to promote the Internet, the rapid development of mobile Internet, making people’s lives, people’s culture, work, including changes in society have been greatly changed. This is the power of innovation. Now talk about innovation is not a slogan. (Ding Zhuang)

the following is the full text of Liu Chuanzhi speech:

Liu Chuanzhi: distinguished leaders, distinguished guests and our entrepreneurial star friends, just like the host said, China enterprises often held the forum, talk about the contents of the theme are basically enterprises how to face the uncertainty of the future. This is really for every enterprise feel very difficult question. Recently, the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, the dramatic changes in the election, so that the pattern of the world has created a huge uncertainty. On our own feelings, a nation, a nation want to stand in the world of the nation’s forest, what is more than the strength of the economy, even if the military is based on the economy. What is the strength of the economy than the strength of the enterprise. What is the ratio of the actual strength of enterprises? Is the innovation ability of the enterprise, and the national young people entrepreneurial ability, so entrepreneurship and innovation for us is really not a slogan, one must take the broad road but we have seen the country.

We review the history of

China, 2000 years, always a dynastic decline, a group of people to revolt and established a new dynasty, and then decline to build a new dynasty, again, nothing new. Is that two hundred or three hundred years ago, the emergence of the steam engine, invented by foreign power, but to promote the innovation of the backwater China, the formation of the reform of political system, the structure of the world. We think, in fact I feel, PC is computer generated, about 40 years ago is great to promote the construction of the major industry of the world of information, is to promote the vigorous development of today’s Internet and mobile Internet, which makes people’s life, people’s culture, including social work. The changes have been greatly promoted. It’s all about innovation

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