Bokee.com drained another $one billion lessons (below)


Author: Lin Jun, CITIC publishing house & blue lion writers, served as the first IT Chinese website Yesky founder and chief editor. The current mobile Internet vertical media Lei Feng network CEO. There have been boiling fifteen years – China Internet 1995-2009.

Xing Dong

out below the domestic trouble and foreign invasion

both at the same time, more foreign aggression.

bokee.com released that day, Fang Xingdong in Beijing Shijitan invited guests and the media, announced a grand "blog era", released a year than Sina, listed two years ", the day could put Sina Chen Tong, Chen Tong face a direct provocation, in a rage, halfway and early in advance.

less than half a year, Sina launched a high-profile Blog2.0 beta, becoming the first domestic professional website to "fire" portal. Soon, Sina celebrity effect enclosure blog new campaign, just a few months, the number of users exceeded two.

next month, in a strong campaign, Sina invited the media editor, the popular Internet writer, experts and scholars and business elite sits judges, pushing Yu Hua, Yu Qiuyu, Guo Jingming, Sally Wu, Jane Zhang et al. To enhance the popularity of blog.

one after another, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase have become takes the opponent. After Sina and Sohu as a blog to develop a strategic business, requiring each channel to set up a blog Commissioner, the whole company resources development blog.

in fact, when the blog was founded in China, Sina’s editor in chief Chen Tong as a friend also gave back to the support for the early development of the blog to help a lot of chinese. But Fang Xingdong’s high-profile announcement of the blog reminded Chen Tong.

led to the Sina portal soon gain a complete victory. Blog in the top five, there is no professional website figure. By the end of 2006, Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals blog strength completely beyond the blog and other professional blog. Portal blog ultimate absolute lead.

today takes the reflection and his bokee.com why to challenge Sina directly to? Reason there has three aspects: one is the blog do not see other profit model, the content of sina’s advertising model has become the only choice; the two was the bokee.com is darling, may feel in one fell swoop beyond sina is not possible. The three is to enter the venture capital investment, eager to go to a higher level to meet the listing requirements.

for a period of time beyond Sina, bokee.com and even a little deviation from blog ideas, to a greater extent has become a media platform, is almost a bokee.com of sina.com.cn, and people feel very confused.

throughout the 2005 blog network in the great leap forward disorder, therefore, the whole book is not only out of the entrepreneurial team of mutual complaints, external clearance

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