Vertical electricity supplier staking or intensive and meticulous farming


honeymoon did not expect such a short. According to media reports, from the cooperation between the two sides is less than a year before the date of termination, exclusive cooperation with brewmaster network in the liquor channel. Information from the public point of view, brewmaster network in platform sales did not meet expectations, perhaps is one of the important reasons for the "breaking up".

"breakup" again make people pay attention to the vertical class "dilemma": staking or to expand the scale, intensive and meticulous farming profits?

electricity supplier in the China have a slightly deformed phenomenon — although most business enterprise itself has not been profitable business, but from the various investment funds there earn a lot of money, and support the electricity supplier in recent years set off a wave of price war, the marketing battle.

may be dependent on the above business path, followed by an Internet financing story with the same staking strategy. Only the liquor vertical electric providers, in recent years, brewmaster network Yesmywine and have successively won that amount of money financing, but sustained profitability but still is not a small problem.

and some "offbeat" vertical business from the taste of the intensive and meticulous farming profits. Business strategy was established less than two years to purchase wine with its growth, profit for the first ", in 2012, sales of billions of dollars to produce a profit of over ten million yuan transcripts. Net purchase wine for Zhao Xiaowei clearly said: "the size of the short term may not do much, but the enterprise must profit, profit is more important than size."

financial data of pressure to make more and more electricity providers began to return to commercial origin, reflection "peibenzhuanyaohe" staking, to reduce the high marketing costs, more and more profitable to intensive and meticulous farming. For example, Jingdong mall Liu Qiangdong in internal annual meeting, to achieve the perfect fine management and operation system; the aged Eslite they should try to raise the price, "and strive to achieve the 2013 annual profit".

What is

. Change of liquor vertical electric providers in this segment, to vertical electricity supplier industry provides a good sample of observation and Inspiration — fine promotion, professional operation for more than the price war, the marketing battle is practical, accurate positioning, focus on brand building consumer segments than the broad click rate on the Internet is more effective. On this basis, the vertical electricity supplier in the industry segments to the upper and lower reaches of the industry chain, to build the core competitiveness of online and offline interaction.

in the vertical field of electronic business, staking and intensive and meticulous farming still have their fans, the differentiation of enlightenment liquor vertical electric providers is not applicable everywhere, but at least that vertical as long as we are on the right track can make money.

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