The second national famous website blog will be opening Pavilion

04 Sept. 7, second national famous website blog will Longting officially opened on April 8th, from the national 36 websites and blogs for leadership will gather to discuss the matter of it. "Innovation, promote the development of blog culture website", this blog will on the seminar theme pavilion.


network topics: focus on the well-known website blog will longting.


blog Longting will be hosted by the Henan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, propaganda department, Kaifeng Municipal river network (CN domain name: dahe.cn) jointly sponsored. The conference aims to explore the law of development of the blog network under the new situation, to share management experience and strengthen the construction of blog, Henan well-known sites, cooperation and interaction of the blog, and strive to create a civilized and healthy network culture atmosphere, positive, creating and sharing spirit home.


conference is strongly supported by public opinion propaganda department, office of the State Council, the national key network news sites and major commercial sites, from people.com.cn, xinhuanet.com, cctv.com, China economic network, China radio network, Guangming, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, and news, qianlong.com, London, red net, Zhejiang online, an online, China network, Jiangxi network, Jiangsu China Chinese economic and cultural network, public network, Dajiang, Shenzhen news network, Hualong network, Austria net, hanphone, Huashang, people.com.cn Henan windows, xinhuanet.com Henan channel, Henan Beijing, online broadcasting network Henan net net, Chinese style Henan, river network, shangdu.com, central network, open network, Luoyang news network 36 websites such as leadership, blog editor and blogger, "" Journal of network communication, and network Station editor and journalist, will carry out three days of exchange activities in the ancient capital of kaifeng.

This part of discussion, dialogue

blog will consist of three theme pavilions composed of the main forum, the forum hosted by sina.com.cn deputy editor Meng Bo, guests will focus on the theme of "the development status and prospects of blog discussion. Two of the theme of the forum is "purify the cultural environment of the network, and promote the healthy development of the blog" and "how to promote the blog copyright protection", respectively Chinese presided over by the editor in chief of Jiangxi Wang Guangzhong and free to comment, sina Hot Blog Lord Li Chengpeng.

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