Easy media Shenzhen company to cancel the resignation of CEO Li Linglong

recently, get news from informed sources, propaganda easy senior internal unrest, propaganda easy CEO Li Linglong resignation. Station editor to get this message trying to contact Li Linglong himself for the first time, the phone has been in a state of no answer. And it is fantastic, QQ signature from the original media propaganda easy to change Li, I know that you "know"? Obviously, the feedback from the QQ out of the news, Li Linglong has indeed left the advertising media.

through the ties to the Li Linglong friends for many years, from the old mouth that Li Linglong said that as early as mid November has left the propaganda media, just need to do some tasks of the handover, will now have to drag the message. And through the old friend Li Linglong, Li Linglong has indeed worked in, responsible for the operation of the site.

further news that the reason why Li Linglong left, because the media has been easy to publicize the propaganda and easy branch in Shenzhen. The decision to cancel the company was completed in November. According to the source said that the revocation of the Shenzhen branch is due to the promotion of easy media in recent years, poor performance in China’s Internet market, the chain of funds caused by the occurrence of business. I phoned the publicity company phone, customer service phone left page easy media are no one answered the call several times after that, dial the number is empty. More confirmed that the message is not virtual.

and easy to promote the official website of the media remains Shenzhen branch address and contact information. This is puzzling. The news that the media propaganda on the mainland market easily due to lack of patience and our investment capital chain scission, the exit of italy. It is reported that the media is an investment in Hongkong. The media company has registered companies in Hongkong. China Adsense station will further track the development of events reported.

propaganda media:

advertising media ( was formally established in October 2002, its current site traffic is about 10 million IP, the daily advertising display reached 60 million times is a leading professional provider of Internet advertising. Over the years focused on the Internet advertising planning, promotion, marketing research, to provide customers with various forms of online advertising services, the success of a number of well-known enterprises for brand building and market development.

advertising media will be the spirit of "grow together with the Chinese webmaster, come on for Chinese webmaster mentality, with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, work, from the fundamental interests of owners, individual owners attention Chinese future China attention to development of the Internet, for personal benefit the whole process of Changying station, to provide a full range of a dragon service.

propaganda easy development process:

founded in June 2001 in Shenzhen named OK advertising network

in August 2002 the new system on the line, and renamed

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