The world’s largest BT station raided the pirate bay website hang

[Abstract] police said the raids continued from morning until afternoon, with multiple servers and computers confiscated.


technology news in December 10th, according to foreign media reports, the Swedish police have been on the Pirate Bay (The Pirate Bay) raided the portal site to hours of downtime.

Pirate Bay has long been hidden behind the relative laxity of the Swedish law, but now it seems the Swedish government "lenient" impatient. This site into the "besieged on all sides" dilemma in the morning local time on Tuesday, was down for several hours. Swedish police have confirmed that they have raided the Pirate Bay’s servers, which are linked to a wide range of intellectual property related actions.

Swedish Police Department National Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Paul Pinté R said in a statement: "the police have banned the Pirate Bay is located in a server room in the Stockholm area, the reason is a violation of the copyright law."

this action is shared by the Swedish special prosecutor in charge of the file Frederick Ingblad launched, he confirmed in the morning local time on Tuesday, police in the Stockholm region launched a raid. He said: a lot of police officers in the area (greater Stockholm area) digital forensics work. The operation began in the morning and lasted until the afternoon. Multiple servers and computers were confiscated, but I will not disclose specific figures."

earlier this year, it was reported that the Pirate Bay has built a virtual server network, the purpose is to continue to maintain the site in the event of a raid, but it is clear that this did not work.

For a long time in the past, the Pirate Bay has been hit hard by

‘s help of piracy, a service that had been raided for the first time in 2006. As for the future, it’s hard to imagine that this would be the last performance of the pirate bay". The founder of this site has more than just peter · chained and thrown into prison, ZEHNDER (Peter Sunde) earlier this year was arrested after just recently released.

even if the Pirate Bay in the name of "death", declared the seed file and will reproduce the human change names of piracy. As a matter of fact, the Pirate Bay has been raided so many times that people have long been used to searching for seeds elsewhere. (Rui Xue)

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