2012 buy site reduced to 2695 turnover grew by 61%

[TechWeb] reported on January 29th news, according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2012 annual Chinese network group purchase market data monitoring report" shows that in 2012, China group purchase industry from the 3652 operators network group purchase reduced to 2695 by the end of. At the same time, 2012 annual market group (including Juhuasuan) turnover reached $34 billion 885 million, an increase of $21 billion 632 million in 2011 of $61%.



report shows that as of the end of December 2012, the group purchase website cumulative birth up to 6177 of the total number, total shut down 3482, the mortality rate of 56%, operating in 2695, lower than 2010 by the end of 3200. At the end of December, 2012 a total of 1514 group purchase site closed down out of a total of 300 group purchase market, the new born group purchase website, group purchase group purchase website industry gradually standardized, average birth rate and average rate of double down trend resurrection.


in 2012 to reduce the number of buy site, while the size of the transaction grew sharply in 2011. The report shows that 2012 full year, buy market (including Juhuasuan) turnover reached $34 billion 885 million, an increase of 61%. Among them, the first half of 2012, including the buy platform, including the Chinese network group buying volume reached $14 billion 650 million, and this figure was only $2011 in the first half of the year, up by 124%.


addition, in 2012 to buy the market transactions, independent buy site accounted for 58% of the market share. To Juhuasuan, Jingdong group buying and 58 to buy the main platform to occupy the market share of 42%. The report shows, the independent group purchase website ranking the top ten were: the nets 13%, 7%, Gaopeng lashou 6%, public comment 5%, glutinous rice net 5%, Wo Wo Group 5%, thousands of products gathered net 2%, full network 2%, 1% network, 1% tick group. Ten strong buy site accounted for the entire market share of the market share of 46%.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Wu Xuefei said that 2013 will be the year to buy the industry and mobile year. Group purchase website will continue to differentiate and to the subdivision development, increase the overall volume of group purchase is steady, throughout the year more than 60 billion yuan; group purchase industry will be more and more standards and norms in social cooperation tide, and analysis of LBS based tags in the big data cloud computing based on the overall evolution to C2B. (Ning Meng)

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