On the operation of local talent network

I operate independently of the local talent network Guilin City Talent Network ( has been two or three months, and I would like to do with the local network of friends to talk about the experience and feelings.

local talent net like local classification and information network, basically every counties have, you have some understanding of the local talent website, general county has a talent exchange center official website, the other is the company and individual operation. Almost 2009, the network has been basically popularized, so to find a job through the network is not what strange things, so the network recruitment is not a strange word, but if the enterprise can not access, it is also called enterprise


is the first program, started in the city of Guilin talent network, I also downloaded from the Internet program talent network source, but basically is based on the country, what business services, on-site recruitment, training, charging information center, assessment services, personnel agency, study abroad and so on the same column. Just think: you are just a person to do, what are you doing?. And for a city, there are Recruitment Information and job information, and then a message is enough. And the position is divided into several major categories, a local talent network is completely unnecessary. So I set out from reality, spent a week to write a program out of their own, then only the front desk to write a database with the background of the online management procedures. Here remind everybody, don’t pursue the so-called SQL, HTML and so on, imagine a local talent net, the data can be? The position information is timely, can keep in thousands has been very good, Access is enough.

It is followed by

program content, a talent network, the early site of course to add their own job and recruitment information, job information on their own by different names registered a few dozen, fill the front page is OK. As for the recruitment information, only to copy other local talent network, here I also wrote a collection program, the company information manual registration method, position information acquisition, had dozens of enterprise recruitment information, about one hundred, so talent site on the line.

is a key problem here is your collection of these recruitment information how to make these companies know someone to apply for? It needs to complete the program, my approach is this: when someone clicks on the " I want to apply for " when the program will send a Short Message to the enterprise website mailbox, and will send an Email to the enterprise registration mailbox, this is the key to enterprise, when sending a Email user name and password to send, to remind the business people for what positions, recorded at enterprise, such enterprise does not come so registered enterprises generally? Choose mail with 163 or 126 other big web mail, send.

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