f you are a buyer, how do you see the corporate website

entered the electronic commerce, have their own enterprise website each enterprise basically? Ali’s friends are small and medium-sized enterprises, is the small and medium enterprise website, need what kind of function? Or we change a point of view, today everyone is buyers. For example, I am a manufacturer of hand tools, I go through the network to buy the machine I need. I will ask as follows:

1, I can find the information I need through professional vocabulary. For example: Baidu, Google, YAHOO, SOGOU and Alibaba search related words can be found

A enterprise. So I have a good impression of the first impression of A companies feel the other company is not bad.

2, click to enter the A enterprise website, open the speed of ultra fast. Less than a second, then open the A enterprise website.

3, log on to the site, home page and site structure and tone gives me the impression that it is very comfortable, and show that A is a professional manufacturer.

4, start looking for products and I want the information, good navigation. I want to see what information, up to two times to find.

5, take the next step:

1) to find suitable for my product, the technical parameters are very detailed, product images and clear. I choose further enquiries, even if there is a dialogue tool. I can put my doubt (delivery

time, freight, etc.) in time with online customer communication. (I don’t need to make a phone call or other contact information)

2) did not find the right product, I feel the other company is a professional company. I’m going to tell each other what I need. Find next to each other tool, will be my question and I want

ask to tell each other.

6, negotiate success, satisfied with the customer service. Before ordering, to further verify the qualifications and integrity of the enterprise.

7, the site has a tax registration number and credit proof of the third parties, such as Alibaba, such as membership of the integrity of certified

8, order. Money. Other products arrive.

above is my definition of a corporate website, corporate Web site carries the image of the outside world, display product information, online interaction and other requirements.

a good corporate website can make money for the enterprise, this is what I look forward to.

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