God the entertainment marketing occasion later the chest did not, but the fire P map software

Abstract: Entertainment topic of large flow, high activity, a group of young fans, thus become the marketing industry has been keen competition and hard work, but for a very short app impact to the relatively popular classification application store list in the first few estimates, can play to the extent.

SARFT a "scissors" to make unpopular "legend" Wu Mei Niang added a wood, even if they are rivals as milk fire is not wrong, the whole nation set off a "Niang, Niang talk of the entertainment trend. Layman watch, experts see road. When we are all focused on the "chest", was already on the field of Mei Niang national carnival.

The chest is not

later, but also Fan Bingbing’s makeup, face value is still. Can not imitate Niang chest, do not imitate her makeup? So, the God of the occasion of entertainment marketing.

mango is out of control, the penguin happy

later due to the loss of social network has become legendary chest hot topic, the spontaneous creation of a more than a talented, when the emperor and embrace the scene is much PS, a get out of hand, micro-blog, circle of friends, QQ space is full of molesting Mei Niang PS god.


This wave of hot topic

mango has been unable to control, and when I see the circle of friends girls PS will he Niang makeup, I only belatedly found much makeup has fire in a complete mess, the initiator of evil every P maps this APP grabbed the hot point of the Wu Mei niang. Every P maps the P map guide quietly, but accidentally pushed myself to the app store, the same ranking first, did not spend a penny, is a social activity in COS later.


micro-blog # national cos # Wu Mei Niang topic amount of reading soon reached 130 million, I began to think of every day P this application will be able to get a lot of investment, are recommended to make investment buddy look, app store search, alas, they don’t need to invest, which is actually the Ma Huateng company, the Tencent has quietly also made micro-blog marketing. Ma Huateng will be pleased to see good results, micro-blog CEO Wang estimated that will look happy, because you know.


this is not the end, the netizen is a cos, this activity in the social network Facebook later, Instagram, QQ space also fire up, foreigners are playing on, Taiwan Zhongtian, Eastern, CTV and other TV stations have reported that every day P short time rushed to the mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam Asia Pacific app list in the first. Mango Taiwan never thought, as they master the entertainment marketing, even by the penguins to play an occasion to marketing, you can let me be the singer to mango app exclusive, but can not stop the crazy netizens.

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