How to use the hot topic to promote enterprise soft Wen

with the advent of the Internet era, after several years of development also caused a lot of Internet product, through network marketing products also gradually replace the traditional sales methods, the years of sales network method is more and more, the method of different effects are different. Now more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the soft Wen marketing, that soft marketing as a new type of network marketing, how to use soft Wen to promote their own brand?

There are many forms of

soft, where the electricity supplier media recommend the use of hot topics to carry out soft marketing, which is the main content of this article to write.

brand promotion how to use the hot topic for the promotion, marketing to people from the subject of interest, and then combined with their own brand or to the promotion of the website, write out the soft, can have a better attraction! But a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises do not know how to use these hot news, but some use to the contrary, the following methods are summarized for the hot events marketing


A: write about hot events soft text title

The importance of

in the title of the soft article marketing is self-evident, the title of the party to do here and not asking people to www.ecmedia.com.cn media business, but the appropriate and attractive title is undoubtedly to the soft points, the hot events marketing, the soft paper title must be hot events and the title of the soft combination, so to ensure its own brand to get attention, but also to let others through these events have the power to read on the


two: want to comment on the hot events and clever advertising information into the


in marketing, the hot events must be carried out to make a brief summary, point of view, the view will cause the attention of many readers, they may not agree with you, or agree with your point of view, resulting in two arguments, if we can achieve this effect, natural it is quite soft, of course, after analyzing the hot issues of the conclusion must be based on the conclusion derived that you need soft promotion, an important part of fully integrated information resources. But most of us have seen advertorial, ask for perfection, there is a kind of the most important information is submerged in the "novel" feeling, but The loss outweighs the gain. Only in this way can play a role in the promotion of


three: through the hot events to soft marketing do not forget the SEO optimization

a lot of people think hot events do marketing, but only in order to promote their products, but ignored the SEO website optimization, many people may think that the keyword hot events and your site may not have any relationship, but as long as through sound reasoning, let these events effectively and their site keywords with the above, whether it is from the beginning of this article, or in.

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