Aerospace software training network promotion program

first, the network marketing methods.

now the marketing is an overall marketing network, whether it is good enough, if there is no good planning support, is also a shell; on the contrary, if the contents of the plan no matter how good, but the network planning and website do bad, or do not know how to promote the effectiveness of the promotion is very poor. This is not any use. Therefore, how to do a good job, and work closely with, is the focus of a network marketing strategy. To analyze the current network marketing focus on the way:

1 as soon as possible to implement the promotion and free maintenance.

because of its unique elements of network marketing, and the current state, in particular, rely on search engines, especially in China, Baidu, GOOGLE, etc.. But search engines have their rule, a new website for you to upload, generally need to 30 days by the search to the home page, and other page more late, but it is very slow to start, it generally takes 3 months to see results, with website update, will gradually to speed up the search, and network marketing will in twenty-first Century as the most important marketing channels, the sooner the better.

2 as many as possible with other industry portal, bring benefits and improve visibility.


site, with some industry portal and the three party cooperation network flat, such as some software forums, training third party website, local portal website for publicity and training information website.

3 through free promotion, publicity in the popular network resources.

free promotion may not be able to directly increase the performance of the network, and even on the surface is no effect. But the main work of free promotion, in the forum, Post Bar, blog, question and answer platform publicity in the local cyber source, strong popularity, may have published a few hours after being removed, but may not have the link, but it is greatly in these places do "free advertising". The real cost of these free advertising is labor costs, compared with the high level of online advertising, is still very worthwhile.

4 paid advertising launch.

through Baidu, GOOGLE, Sogou and other search engines, usually accounting for the general site PV (browse) more than 50% or even higher. Therefore, Baidu and GOOGLE are currently the best advertising media in china. Sogou has a browser, the user is also very large, so it is worth considering! In view of the nature of our business, with the county’s recommended portals and forums. Way of cooperation in advertising or on behalf of the way.

two, competitor analysis.

Zhiyizhibi, baizhanbudai, network marketing is the same. From the Chongqing software training industry, have a single step, Qingdao, Danet, such as the same strength Lawo peer enterprises, for the choice of the opponent, from.

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