Min Tao on the promotion of high-end talent network planning and recommendations

many people including I want to know how to promote their website, network promotion is a worthy of our study. Website promotion but several basic points, this a few requirements have also even into the door, how to promote their own websites or webmaster friends to think, after all, through their own way of thinking will have their efforts to implement their promotion plan. I have been in the high-end talent network (www.chinagdhr.com), we may for the talent website is not very familiar with, this is a high-end Human Resources Inc founded by Wuhan personnel website, the main business in the Wuhan area. I feel very surprised when I first entered the talent website, the system is ASP, with the very ordinary talent system, but the interface is a beautiful, I do not know whether this is empty or when I just graduated flashy without substance? Will apply for the company to do network specialist this post the main duties of the website or revision (mainly do Interface), it seems that they are more focused on the aesthetic appearance rather than practicality, this is the point that annoys me no way, position is not high, some idea is only to it, who let you not boss. I am a real grassroots agricultural class webmaster, do stand more than three years, but always not what achievement, mournful air. On the high-end talent network, I’m here to provide some suggestions on the promotion of general talent network.

1: never give up SEO optimization (finding the right Guan Jianci)

SEO has been a topic of concern to many friends, so let’s start with SEO. SEO is the most basic and most important means to promote the network, but also a long lasting thing. In recruitment and other key words, high-end talent network almost no involvement, this is how sad thing ah. Not to mention the flow. Because there is no specific geographical location of high-end talent network, so I suggest to consider some of the comprehensive recruitment of words, such as campus recruitment of graduates to recruit social recruitment and other keywords. Recommend at least more than and 30 key words to find out, and then through the data analysis. Which words bid ranking less, which words are more relevant, which word Baidu index is relatively large, which word SEO competition is not difficult. Combined with these factors, singled out a few relatively difficult to compete, the content is high, less competitive rankings, Baidu index and high words to targeted SEO. This is a common way to do SEO. The most suitable for the optimization of keywords, and then concentrate the power to do, to spend on the tip of power, a blow that. To find out the most suitable keywords optimization through the analysis of the data, and then concentrate the power to do, to spend on the tip of power, a blow that. This is called SEO. It’s not as hard as you think.

two: network media promotion, improve brand awareness

media promotion is the nature of some of the large web site is widely used in the promotion, he is also recently began to slowly understand the power of media promotion. For media

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