Soft Wen marketing customer needs to know how much

marketing rely on human nature? What is the audience of soft Wen? It is a person, since the audience is soft, so soft marketing must be inseparable from the grasp of human nature. Of course, from the academic and market point of view is to understand the psychological needs of users.

try to do a lot of soft marketing friends, do a period of time to find no real improvement. Although soft Wen wrote numerous, but the results remain the same. Do not know if you have to really analyze the reasons, or do you really understand the characteristics and needs of customers


what is the customer’s needs,


in my opinion, the general needs of consumers can be summarized into three categories: Erotic needs, emotional needs, emotional needs. Three kinds of demand each have their own characteristics, the natural use of soft Wen marketing strategy will be different. Similarly, it can be simply summarized as three points: Erotic marketing, emotional marketing, emotional marketing. Next, the author will elaborate on one by one:

one, erotic needs

as the saying goes, shisexingye. If you are a man, you will have seven emotions and feelings. Of course, the author refers to the erotic, not simply refers to those bad aspects. Because there are many kinds of human desires, it can be said that all human behavior is driven by desire.

I simply take business, some people may be starting to benefit, this is the desire for money; some people entrepreneurship is to the right, this is the desire to conquer and desire to lead some people; entrepreneurship is to name, which is eager to be concerned about the desire.

different desires, it shows that the same thing different customers, the focus of the demand is different. So, when we are marketing, it is necessary to know what is your target customer his heart needs? For example, the customer need is good, then we will put more emphasis on the interests in the soft, if need is the name, then you need to put more emphasis on reputation. Different needs, determines our soft marketing focus different. Want to do marketing, you need to understand the customer’s true desire.

two, emotional needs

people are the passions, this is the person’s mood. Similarly, as long as there is emotional nature will have emotional needs. People like to see a joke, people like to see some funny things, whether it is a story or a picture or a video, as long as you can make yourself happy, then love to see. This is a typical emotional need.

, of course, not only the passions, and fear of loss, etc.. So I will take the fear to do an example, for example, the author is to write soft Wen, want to launch some soft Wen for the webmaster service. But the light from the front to write some soft writing benefits, may not be interesting. So, the author can go against the line, specifically to write some of the soft Wen marketing and failure cases

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