Clothing website promotion plan

There are many ways to promote

clothing website can be broadly divided into two.

a free

is in some industries at the station or some famous large supply and demand information platform such as 9 Alibaba, such as hc360.com) released basic information of your company, then attach. Or with some brothers website (i.e. to you well, he is willing to do friendship connection with your connection); then in the search engine rankings, as long as you have a website, all the major search engines such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, etc. in a week to a month, will take the initiative included in your site, you do not have to worry about this, but in order to achieve good effect, when you want to customers in the search engine in search of your product or search your company name, your website can immediately display or on the top, it’ll take a little effort, the more information you posted on other sites, your company is more likely to be your customers to find the structure of your site, the more suitable for search engine ranking will temper, (of course, this point and site of the people concerned, we will wait), so you have to make an effort in the Send information on his platform,


two, charging

we all know that there is no free lunch, in order to promote your site, you want to bring your site to the actual benefits, or cast some money it!

investment is to return, so the first thing you have to pick a platform, this platform not only has a certain social influence, have good social reputation, countless people through verification, can really bring benefits to the enterprise, a platform is good, and ultimately rely on your own to get some real survey. Information through friends and acquaintances. At present, I can recommend you some good platform, social reputation are good! Such as Alibaba, Baidu, Google, and Hyun Yi tribe mall clothing net, I think at the moment, is the most useful to you!

is another investment point, buy a software, called business express, you can quickly release a large amount of information to other platforms, the effect is also good, this software, now it may be also about 2000 yuan, or 1000 yuan, you can bargain.

the last method is to search engine optimization is to work on your website,. The search engine search site is has certain law, as long as your site structure, the code meets his temper, so when you search your customers products, your site will be in front, but it can’t do too much, otherwise it will be the search engine that is cheating, will kill your website


now many companies are offering this service, the cost is not very high!

! The website promotion method is basically so much, I hope you can promote your site! To achieve their own purpose!


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